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Are You Prepped For Gymnastics Practice?

Is it your child’s first year in gymnastics? If so, you may have a few questions running through your head such as “What should we bring?” and “What will they […]

Safety Tips For Cheer Beginners

As first time cheerleaders, basic safety tips can easily be overlooked. When cheerleaders and parents think about cheer safety, their minds often revert to stunting. Although stunting does require the […]

No Gym? Workout With Everyday Objects

Don’t have a gym membership but want to stay in shape for the new season? Luckily everything you need to work on your arms, abs and more can be achieved […]

5 Tips New Cheer Coaches Should Know

Is it your first year as a youth cheer coach? Coaching a youth cheerleading team can be daunting if you’ve never coached a younger squad before. GTM Sportswear’s in-house cheer […]

Gym Bag Necessities: Summer Edition

School is ending and summer is beginning, but that doesn’t mean the hard work is over… summer conditioning is heading our way fast. Although summer practice can lead to great memories […]

Fundraise a New Way in 2016

With the new school year approaching, it’s time to focus on new fundraisers for your team. Here are five unique ways to raise money.