5 Hacks Every Squad Should Know

As a cheerleader your schedule is filled with homework, practices, and game day performances.

Simplify your cheer life with five helpful hacks.

From shoes to uniforms, we’ve got the hacks every cheerleader should know.

Hack 1 – Bobby pin and hair tie holder

Keeping track of your bobby pins and hair ties can be difficult, especially during away games.

Solve this cheer dilemma by using an empty Tic Tac container.

You’ll place your bobby pins inside of the container and shake them out of the spout when you need one.

Need a place to put your hair ties?

Wrap them around the outside of the Tic Tac container for an all-in-one location for your hair accessories.

Hack 2 – Spraying shoelaces with hairspray

Between stunting and tumbling, loose shoe laces can be a hazard for cheerleaders.

Keep your laces tied all performance long with hairspray.

After tying your shoes, spray over your laces (especially the knot) and let them dry for a few minutes.

The spray stiffens the laces making it difficult for the laces to loosen up during your performance.

Hack 3 – Placing dryer sheets in your shoes

Want your shoes to smell as fresh as the day you bought them?

Stuff your cheer shoes with scented dryer sheets.

How will this help your shoes smell better?

The scented dryer sheets will absorb the sweat and odor from the inside of your shoes giving it a fresher scent in hours.

If you want to avoid spending money on dryer sheets over the season use newspapers instead.

The newspapers will absorb the sweat like the dryer sheets for less.

Hack 4 – Loop long laces underneath your shoes

Are your new laces too long?

Save time and money by looping the long laces under the sole of your shoes.

Before you loop the individual laces into a bow, wrap the laces under the soles (in between the indents) and back up.

Once the laces have been looped underneath, tie them like normal.

By wrapping the laces under your shoe, you are shortening them with out the use of scissors or a trip to the store to buy new laces.

Hack 5 – Remove fuzz from uniforms and warm-ups

Fuzzy uniforms and warm-ups can make your squad’s apparel look older than they are.

Transform your cheer apparel from fuzzy to fabulous with a disposable razor.

A disposable razor is an easy way to remove the fuzz without damaging the fabric or paying to get it removed by dry cleaners.


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