3 Budget-Friendly Solutions for Outfitting Your High School Track Team

Last year, over one million United States student-athletes of all ages and abilities participated in track and field programs. That means over one million student-athletes needed track and field uniforms, warm-ups and performance apparel. At the high school level, track teams are often the largest team in a school’s athletic program. Despite the large roster, track coaches and administrators routinely receive limited uniform and apparel budgets, which can make outfitting athletes in uniforms and apparel an overwhelming task.

Champion Teamwear understands the challenges track coaches and administrators face and proudly offers three tiers of track uniforms to fit any budget. Whether you are looking for top-of-the-line custom performance wear or budget-friendly team packages, Champion Teamwear has the right uniforms for your team, made from athlete-tested materials that work as hard as your team does each and every day.

Tier 1: Budget-Friendly Track Uniforms

Champion Teamwear’s basic option for track and field uniforms is not only the most affordable, but also boasts some important performance features such as moisture-wicking material, antimicrobial finishes, advanced odor protection and a 50+ VPF rating. Made with high-quality polyester fabrics, this option allows you to make the most of your budget and outfit your entire track team seamlessly.

Moisture-wicking material is ideal for track athletes as it is constructed to respond to body heat and environmental factors to keep your runners, throwers and jumpers dry, even in the harshest conditions. When the weather does get extreme, Champion Teamwear’s antimicrobial finish reduces odor-causing bacteria from attaching to and multiplying on fabric, allowing coaches to extend the lifespan of a uniform while keeping runners fresh and healthy.

This affordable apparel line also offers fleece warm-ups with low pill performance, making hoodies and pants that last hurdle-after-hurdle, wash-after-wash.

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Tier 2: Stock Track Uniforms and Apparel

Champion Teamwear’s second tier consists of our stock track and field uniforms and offers coaches improved apparel quality with additional performance facets. This includes mesh insets and compression fabrics.

Mesh matters for track athletes, as it adds breathability, increasing air flow as runners reach the finish line. Even though mesh insets allow for increased ventilation, they are still durable enough to withstand your toughest meets and practices, allowing athletes to feel comfortable and cool both on and off the track.

While mesh insets keep your athletes cool, compression sportswear fabrics keeps muscles warm, which prevents muscle strain, while alleviating muscle stiffness and soreness. Compression gear also works to wick sweat away from the body, eliminating chafing and rashes. Compression sportswear is an excellent option for the coach wanting to go to the extra mile.

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Tier 3: Customize Track Uniforms and Apparel with UltraFuse

Champion Teamwear’s final tier features UltraFuse, our exclusive sublimation technique, which uses heat to infuse high-quality designs directly into breathable fabrics. By heat-fusing artwork onto lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking material, UltraFuse artwork won’t fade or crack ensuring that uniforms endure season-after-season.

With UltraFuse, you never have to worry about design discontinuation. Coaches can continue to build uniform stock, without worrying about factors like color difference. This key feature ensures that coaches won’t have to worry about replacing the entire team’s apparel when new athletes join.

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Champion Teamwear is here to ensure that your high school track team gets quality uniforms at every budget level and price point. Regardless of the size of your team or financial requirements, Champion Teamwear has your athletes covered. From moisture-wicking and antimicrobial features to compression fabrics and UltraFuse sublimation technology, we’ve got the right uniform options for every team, every time.

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