3 Easy Steps for Creating a Stylish Look for Your Track Team

No two sprinters, distance runners, throwers or jumpers are alike. That’s why Champion Teamwear has developed its entire line of track uniforms and teamwear to help every athlete on your team look great while facilitating peak performance. With over 100 years in the athleticwear industry, Champion Teamwear understands the sportswear your team needs to make their mark, the Mark of a Champion.

Through these three easy steps, any coach, athletic director or parent will be able to create striking, eye-catching track and field uniforms and apparel. Give your track team the inspiration it needs to stand out from the crowd and perform their best!

Choose Your Look

Our process starts with choosing the right track uniforms and apparel. From mixing compression and loose gear for sprinters to finding a unique top and bottom fit for each thrower, it’s easy to choose a cohesive look that keeps your entire team cool and comfortable. Use the digital Champion Teamwear Track Catalog to find the right apparel and budget-friendly bundle package for your track team. Our digital catalog also comes with an exclusive 15% off discount to help your school save even more, including the bundle package listed below.

Warm up on budget and in style with this $199 package:

  • Rush Warm-Up 
  • Dimension Compression Uniform
  • Essential Double Dry® Short Sleeve Tee
  • All-Sport Backpack

Deomonstrate Offer

Additionally, as the official outfitter of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), Champion Teamwear can also help you choose track uniforms and apparel to meet your state’s specific regulations.

Choose Your Colors and Patterns

We know the right uniform colors and patterns can make all the difference, and with UltraFuse – a unique sublimation process – you have 42 colors and 20 patterns to choose from. When you choose UltraFuse, colors and patterns are heat-infused into lightweight, breathable and durable fabrics, making long-lasting track uniforms and apparel that sprinters, distance runners, throwers and jumpers love.

“Our UltraFuse fabrics are lightweight, breathable and durable making it a great option for athletes,” says Kendra Forshee, Champion Merchandising Artist. “This process gives our customers the option to fully customize apparel with graphics, colors, logos and art included in total cost.”

Patterns like “Space Dye” and “Gradient” can be added to different zones of uniforms, like the sides and shoulders, to create a classic look. Bolder patterns like “Digital Camo” and “Galactic” can also be added to these zones, helping your track team create a look of its own.

Don’t forget that our stock uniforms, a budget-friendly alternative to UltraFuse track apparel, can also be customized. Stock uniforms can be customized in just two and a half weeks and shipped within a few days.

Choose Your Art and Placement

After choosing your UltraFuse colors and pattern, your team can further customize your track uniforms and apparel with artwork like your name, logo and mascot. Just like our colors, any artwork you choose is heat-infused into your track apparel, meaning it won’t peel or crack – guaranteed. UltraFuse artwork and access to a Champion Teamwear trained artist are also built into the price of each track uniform and apparel item you see.

“2019 was a highlight as Champion provided the team with sublimated garments and UltraFuse garments,” says Chris Hahn, retired Head of Delegation for Special Olympics Team USA. “The theme for the uniforms was carried throughout all garments. We know in working with Champion we will be able to fit the size requirements for the members of the Delegation in quality garments.”

Any artwork your team chooses can be applied across each of your unique UltraFuse uniforms and apparel items. Designs also never discontinue, so reordering your stylish sublimated track uniforms, apparel, warm-ups and accessories is easy.

Are you ready to Join the Legacy? You can start this three-step process now or reach out to a Champion Teamwear trained artist to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind look for your track team. Don’t forget that we design, produce and ship our own product, so your track apparel can be delivered to you just in time for your next big meet.

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