3 Indoor Workouts For Your Track Team

For a majority of track coaches, being outside is the only go-to for your team’s practices.

This is great…until bad weather leaves you scrambling indoors.

Creating indoor practices for different events can be stressful considering the lack of time you have to prepare and the limited resources you may have.

Don’t worry!

We’ve created event-focused workouts that your athletes can do indoors that requires little to no equiptment.


Jump roping is the easiest and most effective way to improve your jumps.

Jump roping is not only an excellent cardio workout, but it can help increase your athletes’ footwork, endurance, and the height and distance of their verticals.

Here is an example of a jump rope drill from the track coaches of Nack for Track.

Jump Rope Complex Round 1

    1. On the first whistle, athletes begin to jump rope moving in any manner they wish, but they have to be moving forward, backward, or laterally (30 sec)
    1. On the second whistle, athletes keep jump roping, but this time in place (30 sec)
    1. On the third whistle, athletes drop their jump ropes and begin to run in any direction, jumping over any jump rope that is laid length-wise on the floor (30 sec)
    1. Return to step 1 and repeat the first three steps
    1. After the helter skelter drill, have your athletes line up on the baseline of the basketball court and have them run a “suicide” (baseline to the free throw, half court, opposite free throw, and opposite the baseline and back).
  1. Rest for 4 minutes

Click HERE for the next two rounds of the jump rope complex series.


Medicine balls are a great way for your throwers to continue their training when bad weather moves practice indoors.

For this exercise, you will need 11 medicine balls ranging from 2 to 30 pounds.

Starting with the lightest weight, hold the medicine ball at waist level.

While holding the ball, spin to your right so you are even with your right hip.

You will return to your starting position and repeat, spinning to your left instead.

Continue alternating for 10 reps.

Repeat the exercise with the remaining medicine balls.

Overhead throws and one arm throws are alternative drills your shot put and javelin throwers can do.

These type of throws mimic their throwing stance while targeting the key muscles in their arms.

Runners (long and short distance)

Circuits are a great full body workout for your runners as it strengthens the key muscles within their body.  

Whether they are long or short distance runners, circuits are beneficial because it progresses their overall performance, and requires minimal space to do.

Here’s a circuit workout from certified running coach Laura Norris.

    • 1 minute jump roping
    • 15 rotating lunges on each side
    • 1 minute jump roping
    • 15 squats to overhead press
    • 1 minute jump roping
    • 15 push-ups
    • 1 minute jump roping
  • 15 woodchops per side

Rest for one minute between each circuit.

Repeat the entire circuit three times.

For more indoor workouts for your track and field athletes, check out Norris’ blog HERE

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