3 Off-Season Basketball Drills to Keep in Shape

Basketball season may be over for most athletes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain in shape at home. Check out our top 3 basketball drills to heighten your coordination, agility, and strength during the off-season.

Drills for Basketball

1. Toe Touches

This exercise is great to improve conditioning and foot speed. Players stand in front of a raised surface, such as the bottom stair or a step box. The height of the box doesn’t matter – it’s all about the speed of the foot movement. Kick one foot out and touch the top of the box, being sure to only touch the box without putting any weight on it. Repeat with the other foot, alternating feet at maximum intensity for 30 seconds.

2. Defensive Slide with Resistance Band

This exercise is great for improving leg strength by targeting the calves and outer thighs. Players should begin by standing in a defensive stance with a resistance band looped around the ankles. Slide laterally, slowly moving one foot out until the resistance band is at the point when it is furthest apart for 1 second. Move the other foot inwards back into a normal defensive stance. Repeat this motion 3 more times, moving in the same direction, then switch and slide using the opposite leg to lead. Make sure to keep knees slightly bent and abs tight throughout the exercise.

3. Reaction Drill

This exercise requires a buddy and will improve players’ reaction time and speed. Players should stand approximately ten feet apart. Person A should stand with their arms outstretched in a “T” position with a tennis ball in each hand. Without signaling Person B, Person A will drop one of the two tennis balls, and it is up to Person B to run and catch the ball before it can bounce a second time. Repeat this exercise as many times as desired. Try increasing the distance between the two people for a harder challenge.

Stand Out at Tryouts

Keeping fit during the off-season is only one part of making the team. For more info on basketball preparedness, check out our best tips to stand out at basketball tryouts next season. 

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