3 Tips to Improve Your Swing

As a golfer, your swing determines whether or not you’ll have a winning game. From how you should position yourself to which club sizes you’ll need, Champion Teamwear has the 3 golf tips you should follow to improve your swing.

Proper-sized golf clubs

Having clubs that are the wrong size can affect how you swing and your overall consistency. Having clubs that fit you correctly will not only help you maintain good form but will provide consistency as you switch out your clubs. Not sure if your clubs are the right size? According to Golfweek, the distance between your fingertips to the ground should be the same length as your clubs. Having clubs that fit this sizing criterion will allow you to comfortably connect with the ball as you swing.

Develop a pre-shot routine

Poor alignment is another reason your swing may not have the power or connection you need. According to PGA professional Sean Parees, “If your body is aiming one direction and you’re swinging at a target in another direction you have to make some sort of compensation, that means it is very difficult to swing the club properly.” Developing a pre-shot routine will help you avoid poor alignment and improve your swing. According to Parees, golfers should follow these steps to regain proper alignment.

    • Take two clubs and place them on the ground (one club will represent the target line and the other will represent your body alignment)
  • Place a third club perpendicular to your body alignment (this will represent the position of the ball)

This setup will help you correct your form and improve your aim.

Rotate your torso

Not rotating your torso as you swing will reduce your speed and power. According to Parees, “While the arms do swing up and down and the wrists hinge and set, these motions are secondary to torso rotation. That is what creates the majority of speed in the swing.” Follow these 3 steps to reenact a proper backswing:

    • Place a club across your shoulders holding the club in place with your hands
    • Rotate your core away from the target until the club is pointing toward the ball
  • Once in position, rotate your core toward your target until the handle of the club is pointing toward the same spot on the ground

These motions will help you feel the proper rotation of your core as you swing.

Together proper-sized clubs, pre-shot routines and rotating your torso will improve your swing and overall golf performance.

Do you have any tips to improve golf swings? Share your tips by commenting below.

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