3 Ways To Succeed In Color Guard

After try-outs and many weeks of practice, you’ve found out you made the color guard.

Now what?

Being a member of your color guard requires dedication, practice and endurance, which means all of the effort you put into your try-out should continue into the new season.

With the first performance only a few weeks away, here are 3 tips you should follow to prepare for the upcoming season.

Develop your endurance

As a member of your color guard, it is important that you increase your endurance before the season begins. Luckily there are plenty of ways to do this.

Two options are running and jogging.

Building up your endurance will prevent your body from getting tired faster when you are performing on the field. Plus, you’ll be doing yourself a favor because your body will be used to the constant movement and high-cardio.

Use a wall to practice drop spins

Drop spins are an important skill to learn if you want to have a flawless performance.

One way to master the drop spin is to practice against a wall.

Practicing against a wall will not only help with your placement of the flag, but it will let you know when your flag is not straight when you are spinning it (You’ll know because the flag will hit the wall).

When you practice your drop spins against the wall, start off slow and then progress your speed over time.

Develop the proper technique

You’ve got the routine memorized, what about the technique?

Although knowing your routine is key, mastering the technique as a group will make your performance stand out.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to learn each technique in detail, verbally and visually.

By learning the proper way to initiate each move and hold the flag, the performance will have a mirroring effect which is visually appealing compared to a routine that is not in-sync.

If you are second guessing your maneuvers, speak up early on and correct it as soon as you can.

Remember, using every opportunity to perfect your performance will never be frowned upon.


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