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4 Fun Ways To Build Bonds At Cheer Camp

Cheer camp is a time for your squad to learn new skills and techniques, but most importantly it’s a time for them to create a bond that lasts all season long. Here are four fun ways you can strengthen your squad’s bond this summer.

  1. The Web

Have your squad get into a circle with one person holding a ball of string. This person will pass the ball of string to another squad member and say something nice about them. You and your cheerleaders will continue to pass the string until everyone has received it at least one time (or more if you truly want to make your bond stronger). Once you’re done, your squad will be surrounded by a web of string which will represent your squad’s unity.

  1. Pipeline

Divide your squad into two teams and give them several PVC pipes that are cut in half. Working together, the two teams will have to transport a marble from a designated spot to a bucket without any pipes touching or dropping the marble. If the marble falls or any pipes touch, the team must start over. The first team to deliver the marble to the bucket (successfully) is the winner of the game.

  1. The Human Knot

Get your squad to stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Each person will reach toward the center of the circle with their right hand and grab another cheerleader’s hand. The group will do the same thing with their left hands. Together, the group will have to untie the knot that they have created without releasing anyone’s hand. This game is great for cheer camp because you have to learn how to communicate and work together to get out of the puzzle.

  1. Relay Race Lock

Pair the cheerleaders up and have them stand with their backs toward each other. Standing at the starting line, each pair will lock their arms at the elbows and race toward the finish line. The first group to reach the finish line wins. If this was too easy for your cheerleaders to complete you can have them start while they are sitting on the floor, forcing them to work together (without unlatching their arms) to get up before they race to the finish line.

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