5 Key Techniques For Conditioning Wrestlers

Implementing the right techniques into your training regimen can not only improve your performance, but strengthen key muscles in your body.

From improving your core to full body workouts, we have the five techniques you should include in your training regimen.


Pull-ups are a staple exercise for wrestlers wanting to improve their performance.


Pull-ups strengthen the muscles in your abdominals, shoulders, arms, and hands which are the key muscles needed to compete in a match.

If you typically don’t do pull-ups, your reps may be lower than others (which is okay).

While training, increase your reps each session until you can complete several double digit reps.

Anaerobic lactic training

Anaerobic lactic training builds up your endurance which allows your body to produce the energy needed to compete.

In addition to producing more energy, this form of exercise will increase your strength, speed, and power.

Not sure which anaerobic exercises you should try?

Here’s an example of an anaerobic lactic drill from Stack.com.

  • Sprints – 3×15 seconds
  • Chin-ups – 3×6
  • Knee Grabs – 3×8; rest 60 second
  • Sprints –  3×15 seconds
  • Push-ups – 3×8
  • Bicycles – 3×10; rest 60 seconds
  • Sprints – 3×15 seconds
  • Bicep Curls – 3×8
  • Sit-ups – 3×8; rest 60 seconds

Handstand push-ups

Want to strengthen the muscles in your arms and chest?

Try handstand push-ups.

To complete a set, get into a push-up stance.

Once in position, have a teammate hold your legs in the air.

With your legs elevated, do 8-10 push-ups, resting between each set.

Compared to regular push-ups, the elevated position strengthens your chest and arms faster than the traditional stance.

Want to make the push-ups challenging?

Alter the placement of your hands each time you lower your body to the ground.

Line hops

Maintaining your balance is crucial for a successful wrestling season.

One way to improve your balance is to incorporate line hops.

Balance isn’t the only benefit of this exercise, it also increases your agility.

By increasing your agility and balance, you are training your body to move faster while maintaining your balance which are important skills to master in wrestling.

To complete a line hop, have both feet perpendicular to a line.

Once in position, hop laterally over and back increasing your speed each time.

Continue for one minute to complete a set.


Although there are several variations, deadlifts will give your body a full workout.

From strengthening your lower back, grip and hamstrings, deadlifts focus on the key muscles needed to compete.

To complete a set of deadlifts, make sure the bar is touching your shins, bending with your hips slightly higher than your knees.

With a neutral stance and weight on your heels, begin lifting the bar.

While lifting, make sure your knees and hips are at a consistent angle.

Do 3 sets of 10 deadlifts, resting in between each set.

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