5 Steps for a Successful Fundraiser

Creating a successful fundraiser for your team can be difficult if you don’t have the necessary tools in place. That is why Champion Teamwear created the free and easy to use webtool called TeamStore. This premiere online fundraiser is your solution to organize and raise funds for your team by selling high-quality, custom Champion apparel and keeping the profit for your team. Easily hit your fundraising goal with our top 5 TeamStore planning tips.


1. Finalize your goal

Finalize your fundraising goal by tallying up the cost to update uniforms, purchase equipment and travel throughout the season. Once you have determined the amount, share it with your coaching staff and prepare an execution plan.   

2. Set a deadline

Calculate how long it will take to customize and receive your team’s athleticwear, order equipment, and book travel accommodations. After determining when down payments are expected, you can solidify a deadline to hit your fundraising goal.  

3. Create or update your store

After finalizing your fundraising plans, contact a Champion Teamwear rep to create your TeamStore and customize Champion products to sell with your team’s exclusive art and colors. 


1. Garner Support

Hold a meeting with your athletes and their parents to go over the fundraiser and how they can help make it successful. Go over the goal amount, deadline and answer any questions or concerns.  

2. Share your store

Log into your account and explain how customers can order and purchase from the webstore. Educating your team about TeamStore will help them feel more comfortable explaining the fundraiser to others and ensure a smooth ordering process when you’re ready to launch your fundraiser. 


1. Promote with social media

The easiest way to spread the word about your webstore is social media. Two of the best platforms for fundraising is Facebook and Instagram because they can reach a wider range of people and potential customers can shop immediately with your store’s link. To boost awareness about your fundraiser consider creating sponsored posts and paid ads because it will ensure your posts are reaching a wider selection of people than traditional posts. Want to get your team more involved? Encourage your athletes and their parents to repost your on their social media accounts.   

Receive funds 

1. Monthly profit checks

Receive a monthly profit check from Champion Teamwear for the items your store sells. Increase your store’s monthly profit by adjusting the price of each item.  

Follow up 

1. Thank your supporters

Once your fundraiser is over gather your supporters to thank them for spreading the word and share how much the group was able to raise. 

2. Revamp your store

Upgrade your TeamStore with hot new products and designs to keep your store fresh for returning customers. Need some inspiration? Check out the best-selling Champion styles with our TeamStore hot products guide. 


Have you created your custom TeamStore yet?  Creating your TeamStore with high-quality Champion fan and athleticwear is quick, easy and completely free to do! Team up with our knowledgeable reps today to get started!

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