5 Techniques to Improve Speed and Coordination

Agility and coordination are two skills every lacrosse player should improve upon to have a successful season. Need to work on these skills? Champion Teamwear has the 5 agility and coordination techniques you should implement into your workout.

Sprint Drills

Sprinting drills are the easiest and most effective way to increase your overall speed. Sprints increase your body’s endurance strength which allows you to execute cardio exercises longer and with ease. Implementing fundamental sprinting drills such as ladders and skips during your warm up will be a great way to incorporate these exercises prior to strength training.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is crucial in lacrosse as it affects your reaction time during a match. Individuals with poor hand-eye coordination tend to have a difficult time balancing and focusing on the task at hand which is the main skills needed to have a winning match. One way to strengthen your hand-eye coordination is to play wall ball. Catching and throwing a ball against a wall as you run to catch it will improve your reflexes as well as speed.

Agility Dot Drills

Agility dot drills will help you improve your speed, coordination, and cardio at the same time. Inspired by hopscotch, this drill will have you move forward, backward and diagonally quickly. Moving fast in every direction will mimic your motions on the field while training your body to change direction instantaneously. Switch up your dot drill to not only prevent monotony but to continue improving your coordination and speed.

Smaller Lacrosse Stick

Using a smaller stick may sound strange, however, it is a simple and easy way to work on your hand coordination. By utilizing a smaller stick during practice, you will react faster to plays which will improve your coordination and reaction time. The limited amount of space for your hands causes you to react faster than you would with a traditional stick. Make sure to use a smaller stick during your practice and warm up to build up your hand’s muscle memory.


A combination of lateral and quick movements, carioca drills will improve your agility for the upcoming season. Unlike most agility drills, carioca focuses heavily on sideways movements which are essential in improving your defensive skills and stamina. In addition to stamina and defensive improvements, carioca drills will strengthen your quads, calves and outer thigh muscles.

Want more lacrosse tips and techniques to increase your chances of winning matches? Follow these 5 lacrosse tips today.

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