5 Ways to Prepare for Collegiate Cheer and Dance

Are you interested in joining a collegiate cheer or dance team? Champion Teamwear has the top 5 tips you should follow to impress the coaches.


Physical fitness is a key factor for any collegiate cheer or dance program. Evaluating each candidate’s physical ability allows coaches to gauge their tumbling and/or stunting capabilities. To make sure you stand out at tryouts, review the cheer and dance program’s fitness standards and learn what is required of each candidate. For example, Boston College requires candidates to execute above-average-stamina toe touches in order to be considered for the final roster.

Back to the basics

Motions play a major factor in your score, so make sure to clean them up! Here are the top 3 motion mistakes candidates make:

  • Broken wrists and elbows
  • Arms are too far back or forward
  • Facing your fists

Need a refresher on each motion? Check out our helpful guide here.

Introduce yourself and study the material

Introducing yourself to the coaches and attending each clinic will benefit you and your score. Coaches want to learn more about potential members so introducing yourself in person or via email will garner brownie points with them. During the initial introduction make sure to share the following:

  • Your background
  • Tumbling skills
  • Stunt position
  • How you can benefit the program
  • Potential questions you may have

In addition to introducing yourself, make sure you know the routines, fight song and chants. Not every school goes over the fight song during the clinics, so learning it can put you ahead of other candidates.

Look game day ready

Although most schools don’t require it, looking game day ready can benefit your tryout scores. Whether it is curling your hair or trying out in the school’s colors, dressing the part will help coaches envision you as a part of the team. Not sure of the program’s dress code? Study images from the previous season to nail the official team look.

Confidence is key

Coaches gravitate to confident, knowledgeable candidates so take a deep breath and blow them away with your skills. Worried about forgetting a move or fumbling the routine? Don’t panic! If you do mess up keep going. Coaches will be impressed that you pushed through your mistake instead of stopping altogether.

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