5 Ways To Strengthen Your Team’s Bond

Bringing together new and returning dancers can be daunting, especially at the beginning of the season. From fun group activities to team goals, here are 5 ways your sideline team can strengthen their bond.

Pregame potlucks

Hosting a themed potluck before each game is a creative way to build friendships and memories amongst your team. You can host the dinners in a classroom or at someone’s house. Theme ideas can include:

  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Taco bar
  • Tailgate
  • Meals based off a team members initials (Ex: Brittany will bring baked potatoes)

Beyond fun themes, team potlucks will also guarantee that your team has a chance to eat before their performance.

Team outings

Spending time with each other in a non-dance related environment is another way to unite your team. In a dance environment, your team will constantly think about the routine and how they can improve it before the performance. Meeting up to go bowling, painting or working together to solve an escape room adventure will get your dancers to be creative, work as a team and relieve any pressures or stress they may be experiencing.


Once your team is more familiar with each other, have them work together to create individual and team goals for the season. This gives the entire team (coaches too) a chance to share what you hope to achieve during the season. Sharing your goals with each other will allow the team to hold each other accountable and maintain what they set out to do at the beginning of the season. Before the season ends, regroup and discuss your goals again. Did you accomplish what you wanted? How did you turn your goal into a reality? What could you have done better? Reevaluating together will help the entire team see how far they’ve come since they made their goals.


Your team’s conditioning routine does not have to be traditional, shake up your workouts with new and effective activities. Try group yoga, spinning classes or a themed run. Try something new that can keep your team engaged and entertained as they train.

 Team clothing

Create your team’s identity (literally) by designing custom dance looks for the season. From decorated t-shirts and jackets to custom accessories and shoes, designing items to remember the season will be a fun activity that your team can look back on for years to come. Design your exclusive sideline look with TeamStore, the free and easy online tool from Champion. TeamStore allows you to create and purchase your custom creations in one place. Click HERE to learn how TeamStore works.

Team activities will help your team build the foundation needed to succeed in their season. Whether you implement one or all of our suggestions, nurturing your team’s bond is crucial, so mix up your sideline activities, have fun and create lifelong memories.

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