Are You Prepped For Gymnastics Practice?

Is it your child’s first year in gymnastics?

If so, you may have a few questions running through your head such as “What should we bring?” and “What will they learn during their first practice?”

From your child’s practice attire to what to expect, we’ve got the information you need.

What To Bring

Apparel for girls

The main practice item your child should pack is a leotard.

The length of their leotard’s sleeve doesn’t really matter for practice, what truly matters is how comfortable they are wearing it and if they can move properly.

Avoid bringing tights because the material is slippery against the gym floor and can cause your child to fall.

Apparel for boys

Boys will need to pack a singlet and compression shorts or pants for their first practice.

Compression apparel is preferred because it allows your child to flip and move without having to adjust their clothing the entire practice.

Depending on the events they are interested in, they’re going to wear one practice bottom over the other.

Compression Shorts

  • Vault
  • Floor

Compression Pants

  • High bar
  • Parallel bars
  • Still rings
  • Pommel horse

Water bottle

Although the first class may be short, it’s always a great idea to pack a water bottle.

If your child is thirsty they can just grab their water from you versus locating a fountain and missing out on new information or moves.

Hair essentials

Most gyms require that your child’s hair is out of their face during practice.

Keep plenty of hair ties and bobby pins in their bag to keep their hair in place and away from their face.

What To Leave Behind


Wearing jewelry to practice is not a good idea.

Not only is your jewelry at risk of breaking, but it could potentially hurt your child (earrings getting pulled out or necklaces hitting them in the face as they flip).

Avoid the disappointment of items breaking or potential injuries and leave your jewels at home.

Gymnastics accessories

Although you may need grips and other accessories in the future, it’s best to wait until your coach gives you the thumbs up to purchase it.

You’ll need specific sizes and accessories for certain events, and you’ll need your coach’s help to find the right fit.


Phones are a big no-no for any sport.

Remind your child that they can bring their phone to practice, but with strict instructions to keep it set on silent and locked away in their bag.

What To Expect 

Stretches and basic information

The first practice will focus on the importance of warm-ups, flexibility, and developing your child’s strength over the course of the season.

If you envisioned your child on the parallel bars on the first day, don’t worry it’ll just be stretches.

Enjoy The Season!

At the end of the day gymnastics is a new and fun experience for your child. For them, the highlights will be going to practice, making new friends, and learning fun skills like cartwheels and rolls.

Throughout the season your child will experience both defeat and triumph as they try to master a challenging move, but this will only fuel their passion and determination (which is never a bad thing).

Keep attending classes and enjoy your gymnastics journey with your child.

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