Behind The Scenes: Canvas Shoe Video

Drones, puppies, lakes and a nifty van helped bring our customizable Canvas shoe to life. Our talented videographer Kassi Balkcom explains how these fun elements came together to create the Canvas shoe video.

Balkcom gives a GTM model and Daisy the bulldog directions.

What was your inspiration for the video?

KB: The inspiration for the video started from looking at shoe ad trends, but ultimately ended up being inspired by the custom song we chose for the piece, “Love is Magik” by BRONZi Blonde. I wanted to do something fun and visually different than anything we have shot before.

What were some of the challenges you faced while shooting the video?

KB: Shooting with the drone and weather! We were constantly fighting with the wind for these shoots. It was almost as if as soon as we took off with the drone, Mother Nature would decide to pick up the wind. We also had a challenge just getting the shots we wanted with the drone because we’re really pushing this technology to perform outside of the box it was created for.

What was it like having a dog as one of your models?

GTM models watch Daisy shoot her scene with the van.

KB: It was a blast! She added so much fun to the shoots! And, she did an amazing job, surprising us by looking straight at the camera for her close-up. The best part though was that you could see she was having fun while doing it. Jumping in and out of the VW van running to her mom to get treats.

What were your favorite scenes to shoot?

KB: My favorite scenes to shoot where the shots by the water. It was fun getting to shoot in a completely different environment than we usually do. The [scene with] one of the models walking along the sand is my favorite shot aesthetically.

Balkcom reviews a sequence on her monitor.

How did you feel when the video was finally done?

KB: Excited, ready to get it out there for our customers to view, hoping they enjoy watching it as much as we did producing it.

What can viewers expect next?

KB: Soon we will be going live with our online product videos, so make sure to check those out this summer on our website, Beyond that we will continue to push ourselves creatively bringing fun and inventive videos to our customers. And, asking ourselves what can we get the drone to do next?!

Haven’t seen the video? Check it out HERE

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