Behind the Seams: Camp’s Greatest Patterns


We are well into 2017 and spring has sprung which means camp season is right around the corner. What’s one of the best parts about camp season besides bonding with your team and strutting your stunts? New campwear!

We’ve created new styles and patterns to get you excited for the upcoming season. A lot of effort goes into choosing the designs we do. As designers, we are inspired by literally anything. From the cinematography in our favorite films to the color of the water where we vacationed, to a music video from the 1980s.

So, what fun patterns did we come up with for our 2017 line-up?

The Tropical – Botanicals are all the rage. People want to feel like they’re taking paradise with them everywhere they go, so we created this pattern to help you feel like you’re always on vacation. To transform the ordinary fern print into something fun and fashionable, we altered the colors with high octane hues to really make them pop.

The Memphis Retro – Although the pattern is pixelated and blurred, it remains bold and fashion-forward. The colors reflect the 80s and 90s nostalgia with pastels and geometrics, but with sparse saturated color to bring it into modern fashion.

The Geo Fusion – Major summer concerts and festivals gave us the inspiration for this southwestern print. The color combos add personality and life without being too flashy and bright.

The Optic – Bold. Futuristic. Fashion-forward. These key concepts helped us create our Optic pattern. The Optic’s interactive lines create a subtle, but chic feel to this futuristic short.

Why do we love these designs? These 4 patterns were chosen because they were so distinct and fun, those traits are extremely important for style and customization. Although the patterns allow our customers to showcase their individual style,
they all convey the same message: fun!

Although the Memphis Retro and Tropical prints can speak to two different audiences, we wanted to  give our customers a choice when it came to their favorite camp pattern. These factors fueled the trends we researched, designed and brought to life. We have this wave of nostalgia that is affecting how we dress and shop and customers that want transparency and a story behind what they’re buying. They want to see themselves within our designs.

Throughout the entire design process we wanted to make sure the designs were on-trend and something our customers would love and want to wear. They’re pieces that will not go out of style and reflect the trends that are taking over the world.
What’s even better is that they are easy to mix and match with items you already have in your closet.

Which print fits your personality? Within each pattern or design we create, we always have an individual personality in mind for each pattern or design we create.

The Geo Fusion is perfect for you if you’re a constant traveler seeking new adventures. When you wear this piece you’ll feel like you’ve traveled and conquered the world. With its unique vibe, the Geo Fusion will be an instant hit for your personality.

The Tropical is for the trendsetter. If you’re paying attention to your favorite designers and the hottest trends to hit the runway, then you know this print is in.

The Memphis Retro is your match if you’re inspired by the past. You apply inspiration from the heroes, films, and music of the past to your everyday style. Your style is all about the fun nostalgia of a carefree time.

The Optic is for those who push the limits, seeks answers to the future and wants to be a step ahead. You gravitate toward looks that aren’t always the flashiest or trendiest, but are structurally sound, purposefully made and inspired by technology.


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