Carly Manning Shares her Favorite Cold-weather cheer Essentials

Carly Manning, NCA Collegiate Grand National Champion, five-time NCA All-Star National Champion, and four-time USASF Cheerleading World Champion, has teamed up with Champion to create a video series for cheerleaders and coaches that feature her favorite products, styling tips, and current influences she’s loving in the cheer industry. 

In her first vlog, Carly shares which cold-weather gear is her go-to for keeping cheerleaders and coaches warm on the sidelines.


Hey guys!

Carly shares a variety of cold-weather accessories with her followers.

First and foremost one of my favorite pieces of clothing ever to own is the Champion Contour leggings. These are perfect for staying warm during cold games because they keep your muscles warm. I loved wearing leggings in college, those were my favorite for early morning practices, and for those cold night games as well.

Next, let’s talk about this super cute, super traditional, fun beanie from Champion. It’s the Pom Striped Beanie and it has a double layer of heavyweight knit so when you put it on your head and around your ears, it’s not going to move, it’ll hold you super snug during the entire game while you’re cheering while also keeping you super warm. I love, love, love this and I don’t say this a lot so this is one of my favorite new picks from them.


If beanies and hats just really aren’t your thing a great alternative and something I wore a ton in college and loved at cold games are these Augusta Chill Fleece Headbands. I love these because they’re super warm and you can also customize the front to your school or your team name. So this is perfect if you’re not into the beanies or the hats, and it’s still super cute.

Carly shares why the Champion Contour jacket is one of her favorite cold-weather items.

Another really popular trend is sublimation and sublimated jackets. So like this Popover Jacket, this is really cool because you can customize these exactly how you want. You can customize it with over 40 different colorways, with unique and traditional colors mixed. I love this because you can add your own personal style to it and make it your own.

This next jacket is the Champion Contour Jacket, this is actually the same jacket I’m wearing right now. This is a great option for teams that want a simple, traditional jacket that really lets the artwork stand out. This is the same 4-way stretch material as the Contour leggings that I showed you earlier. It’s super lightweight, great fit, I get questions about it all the time when I wear it. I think Champion did a really, really great job with this one.

This next jacket was one of my top picks, the Champion Arctic Jacket because I’m loving the puffy jacket trend right now and this one is just so lightweight, but so warm. I think these look really good on the sideline especially if you’re cheering those rainy and cold games. This one’s water-resistant so you’re going to stay dry and you’re going to stay warm during the whole game. And I’m loving that they put the embroidery detail here, so you can customize it to your squad or your school. I just really, really like this jacket I think it’s a perfect option for those cold and rainy games.

Carly shows off a custom decorated Champion Reverse Weave hoodie.

This next piece is the Champion V-Neck Crop. So these sleeves go underneath your uniform and I love these because they’re not only warm on the sidelines, but this gives your uniform a little bit of a different look than what you’re used to when adding sleeves to it. Champion did a really great job with these because they’re so soft and they offer so many different colors so you can go back and match your traditional uniform and wear these all year round. 

Last but not least, something everyone should have, cheerleader or not, is Champion fleece. Hoodies were my lifesavers on long bus rides or when I needed to throw something over my uniform really quick. You can see that Champion has so many different styles and so many different colors so you can switch up your look throughout the season while always staying warm. So, Champion fleece is my number one must-have for staying warm and cozy in all environments.

Out of all of my Champion cold-weather essentials that I’ve shared with you today, I’m curious to hear your favorites in the comments below. 

– Carly


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