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Category: GTM Sportswear

Unite Your Squad This Cheer Camp

Cheer camp is a time for your squad to learn new skills and techniques, but most importantly it’s a time for your squad to create a bond. Here are three […]

Fundraise a New Way in 2016

With the new school year approaching, it’s time to focus on new fundraisers for your team. Here are five unique ways to raise money.

Becoming A Mentor

How to Become a Mentor to Your Athlete When exceptional athletes talk about their beginnings, you will often hear them mention a specific coach that made an impact on them […]

Traveling Must Haves for the Modern Gymnast

With a handful of gymnastics competitions left before the end of the season, having everything you need to stick the perfect routine is crucial. From hair, uniforms and sleep, here […]

4 Ways to Make Practice More Fun

As the season wears on, you may start to notice a change in your athletes. They’re becoming frustrated, disengaged, and maybe even getting a little burned out of their sport. […]

Cheer Shoes Under Control

Usually white and used on such unforgiving surfaces as grassy football fields, the cheer shoe is one of the hardest to keep clean. Yet because of the need to bring […]

Ways to Cool Down After Practice

Ways to Cool Down After Practice After your coach finally ends a long and grueling practice, sometimes the last thing on your mind is more exercise. It was a long […]