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Category: Lifestyle

Innovation Behind Champion Mesh Apparel

Woven in the fabric of athletic history for almost 50 years, the innovative Champion “Breathable” Nylon Mesh fabric continues to influence the athleticwear staples of teams today. Idea Meets Innovation […]

Top Campwear Trends for 2019

Champion Teamwear is ready to help you look your best in 2019 with our top campwear trends! Check out these 7 new campwear styles from the 2019 Champion Teamwear Campwear Catalog to get your whole cheer squad amped for camp.

How Champion Made its Mark on Sportswear

With a long history of groundbreaking advancements in team sportswear and athleticwear, it’s easy to see how Champion has made a permanent mark within the sports industry. From professional basketball […]

Champion Teamwear Guide to Esports

Always at the forefront of innovation, Champion is one of the first major sports apparel brands to join the world of Esports – before competitors Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok. […]

History of the Champion Sports Bra

For over 40 years, Champion has improved and innovated a revolutionary piece of women’s sports apparel, the sports bra. Since its inception in 1977, the sports bra has undergone major […]

How To Choose The Right Dance Uniform

Each sideline dance coach has their own process for ordering. Some allow their team captains to make the decision, while others simply get recommendations from colleagues or make the decisions themselves. Whatever […]

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Team’s Bond

Bringing together new and returning dancers can be daunting, especially at the beginning of the season. From fun group activities to team goals, here are 5 ways your sideline team […]