Cheer Experts: How To Choose The Right Uniform


Jennifer A., former Manhattan High cheer coach

Chris L., Manhattan High School cheer coach

Jennifer coached at Manhattan High School for nine years. She started out as the Junior Varsity Coach for one year, the Varsity Assistant Coach for two years, and the Varsity Head Coach for six years.  She cheered four years in high school and one year collegiately.

Chris has coached at Manhattan High School for four years. He started out as the Freshmen Coach for one year and is in his third year as the Junior Varsity Coach. He cheered one year in high school and three years collegiately.

Jennifer’s Ordering Experience

My first experience buying uniforms was a simple process.  I got a cheer catalog in the mail and went through the pages selecting my favorite uniforms and art designs.  After finding which looks I loved, I asked the senior leaders to choose a final uniform and design.  Once those were selected, I contacted my rep who guided me through the buying process.  The rep sent me sizing samples and custom art designs before placing the order. The process was so easy and simple, I followed the same ordering process year after year.

Although the order process was easy, when it comes to choosing the right cheerleading uniform, there are different factors to take into consideration:

  • Style
  • Colors
  • Fit
  • Quality and Durability
  • Price
  • Art
  • Adding Accessories
  • Team Buy-In


Find a uniform that fits your team style and personality. Do you want a classic, retro, flashy or trendy look? Cheerleaders want a uniform that’s going to look good and make them stand out on the sidelines or performance floor. Finding the right style will help build your team’s identity!


Color is one of the most important factors in choosing a uniform. You don’t want to misrepresent your school wearing a uniform that doesn’t incorporate your school colors. If the uniform doesn’t come in the exact colors you need, you can use artwork to add in your team colors. You can also explore custom uniform options which could allow you to incorporate colors that aren’t available in stock uniforms.


You want a uniform that’s going to compliment all of your cheerleaders.  Consider the form of cheerleading your team does: sideline, all-star, or stunt. Take advantage of a sample program and ask for a few different sizes so you can have each member of your team try them on. This will give you a good visual of how the uniform will fit your team members.

Quality and Durability

When looking at uniforms, look for quality and durability. If you check out uniforms to your team every year, you’re going to want something that’s going to last over the years. Does it stretch without tearing? Does it stain easily? You want your uniform to withstand the wear and tear of washing, drying, cheering at games and performances. Read reviews on potential uniforms to gauge how other teams like the style.


Keep your budget in mind when choosing uniforms. You don’t want to overspend and you also don’t want to underspend on a uniform that only lasts a season. Remember just because a uniform is expensive, doesn’t mean the quality is good. Do your research and stay within your budget.


Art should be a positive representation of your school and team. Flashy, blingy, or colorful art will catch people’s attention, but classic designs will stay relevant for years to come. It’s important that the art you choose looks good on the uniform.

Adding Accessories

Head to toe, your look should be cohesive.  When choosing your uniform, you should consider how you will accessorize and complete your look. Does the uniform have a matching crop top or will it match your current crop top? Also, will it look good with your bows, poms, and shoes? A well accessorized uniform will make your team look sharp!

Team Buy-In

Your cheerleaders will be wearing the uniform, so it’s a good idea to get their input. Get them excited! If your team is bought into the uniform chosen, they will feel confident cheering on the sidelines. Senior cheerleaders or team captains would be a great resource when choosing your team’s look.

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