Cheer Perspective: Life During Homecoming

Homecoming week is a busy time for cheerleaders. Between practices, pep rallies, performances and the big game, a cheerleader’s schedule is jam-packed with homecoming activities. During our trip to visit one of our 2018 brand ambassadors, the Centennial High School cheer team, we got to watch their pep rally performance with the rest of their peers. Junior Varsity cheerleader Lauren Boston shares what it’s like to perform in front of their large student body.

“I always get a little bit nervous just because I’m so excited, but whenever I’m performing I feel so happy to be on the floor,” Boston said.

Head cheer coach Laura Severding was so proud of the girls and their performance.

“They did a fantastic job! They hit every stunt, they smiled….see I get goosebumps, my goosebumps don’t lie,” Severding said. “Awesome job today, I’m so proud of them.”

Senior co-captain Lindsay Nellis shares how she felt once the team finished their routine.

“It’s definitely a relief, but then again we keep playing it back in our heads and honestly I wish we can go back to it because it was so fun,” Lindsay Nellis, senior co-captain said. “I always have fun performing with these ladies.”

From intricate stunts to energetic music, Varsity cheerleader Sally Stockard shares which part of the routine was a crowd favorite.

“I think probably when we tumbled into the stunt because I think the crowd really got involved in that,” Stockard said.

For Senior co-captain Sydney Bell, getting through the difficult routine was one of the highlights for her.

“There’s not a particular moment, just the fact that it was a challenging routine and that I worked my hardest, did my best, and just had fun” Bell said.

As one of her last performances as a Centennial High cheerleader, Bell reflects on her final year on the team.

“It’s very sad,” Bell said. “I’m not disappointed because I thought we did really good, but this is the last one so I wish we could do it again

For Nellis, being a member of the team was an experience she will always cherish.

“Centennial has been so great to me, especially this cheer program,” Nellis said. “Looking back on it, it’s been one of the best things to ever happen to me and I am very sad to see it go.”


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