Cheer Shoes Under Control

Usually white and used on such unforgiving surfaces as grassy football fields, the cheer shoe is one of the hardest to keep clean. Yet because of the need to bring the entire cheerleader look together, cleanliness is highly valued to the point of being a requirement. Guarantee your shoes are always looking their best with these simple practices.


Synthetic and leather are your two options, and both have their benefits and compromises. If you’re in the market for material that’s the easiest to clean, synthetic is your best choice. The biggest reason behind this is its water resistance and because smudges can typically be wiped off. Leather shoes are typically softer and more flexible than synthetic, but keeping them spotless is more difficult.


Cheer shoes are specially designed for cheering and cheering only. Change into them before practice and immediately after. It’s worth the little time it takes to do so if only to prevent easily avoided scuffs. Plus, limited use keeps the soles newer and shoes lasting longer.


Clean smudges from your shoes as soon as you see them. When they first appear, the dirt hasn’t yet had time to settle stubbornly into the tiny crevices and pores that cover your shoe. To immediately remove grime, always keep a small towel or wipes in your bag. When possible, use a small amount of soap or detergent and a damp towel to spot clean your shoes. Easy and quick access to cleaning products will keep your shoes clean throughout the course of their existence.


Different brands of shoes can be used with different washing machines. Some, believe it or not, are recommended for the dishwasher while others are designed to withstand a delicate cycle in the washing machine. The one big no-no, however, is the dryer. Never, ever put them in the dryer because too much tumble can cause permanent damage to the shoe itself. To know what your shoe is designed for, always check directions and warnings that come with the brand. They will explain the best methods for caring for the product. If you no longer have the instructions, the Internet will more than likely have the information you seek.

Hand Wash

By and large, the most popular (and safest) method is to wash each shoe by hand. All you need is an old toothbrush, water and some sort of liquid cleaning agent. Cleaning agents could include toothpaste, bleach, makeup remover and soap—the cleaning agent merely needs to be a substance known for clearing away filth. Once you are ready, gently brush away the dirty parts of the shoe until it sparkles like new. While this may be an obvious note, never use bleach on colored parts of the shoe as this will ruin the shoe entirely.

Cover Up

Sometimes stains are resistant to all manner of cleaning solution, no matter how intense. It is during such moments that it is time to turn to shoe polish. This will allow you to basically paint away the blemish for far less than it takes to buy an entirely new pair of shoes. Simply apply a thin layer to the location and allow it to dry.

Store Separately

Keep your shoes in their own pocket or compartment of your bag. You may not know it, but the dirt on your clothes can transfer to the shoes, hastening the ruination of the pristine white. Even if your uniform is relatively clean, don’t forget items like safety pins or makeup might also be in the bag, just waiting to come in contact with the shoes. Makeup certainly isn’t that scary, but safety pins leave marks that can’t be washed away with elbow grease.


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