Four Reasons Why Your Studio Will Benefit From Custom Dance Apparel

Champion Teamwear understands that custom dance apparel is a critical component of a studio’s brand and performance strategy. Additionally, each dance student’s must-have apparel essentials are as unique as their routines. With many custom dance apparel options available for both young and adult dance students, it can be difficult to choose durable and comfortable options.

One way that studios can help dance students choose the best custom dance apparel is to provide them with branded options that are easy to order. This gives studio dance students like yours the opportunity to hand select durable and comfortable dance apparel items for the different styles of dance that you offer.

In this blog, we discuss the four reasons why your studio will benefit from selling custom dance apparel.

Establish Comfort and Confidence

While our first reason is more practical — it’s not to be ignored. Custom dance apparel establishes comfort and confidence by allowing dancers to truly focus on their routines. When studio dancers wear apparel that’s made specifically for them, they’re spending less time pulling, tugging and tucking in gear that just doesn’t fit right. Looking your best is the first step to elite performance.

Coaches and parents shopping for custom dance apparel at your studio can mix and match various Champion Teamwear dance accessories, footwear and bodywear — creating an individual look for solo students and uniformity in team dance routines.

Generate Brand Recognition in Your Community

Selling custom dance apparel in your studio means your name will get noticed in the community. From dance jackets, pants, sweatshirts, pullovers and fleece, your dance studio can create brand recognition with custom dance apparel regardless of your budget.

Champion Teamwear has a diverse selection of high-quality and durable dance apparel options. One of our most popular items for studios are custom dance jackets. Here are a few products that our customers love:


Alloy UltraFuse 1/2 Zip Pullover


Dazzler Jacket


Nova Jacket









Pace 1/4 Zip Pullover


Sprint 1/4 Zip Jacket








Many of our studio dance jackets and apparel options feature our latest UltraFuse technology. With UltraFuse, colors, designs, and studio logos are heat-infused directly into the fabric. UltraFuse fabric is also moisture-wicking and will keep dance students sweat-free and ready to perform.

With Champion Teamwear, studios can also customize colors, art and more — meaning each student at your studio can make the pieces you offer unique to them.

Enhance Spirit Within Your Dance Community

Your dancers are proud to dance at your studio — and they likely want to wear your brand. With branded Champion Teamwear custom dance apparel, studios get to mix and match items for their students while choosing a unique, personalized look. If your dance studio doesn’t sell custom apparel options — or if your current vendor doesn’t offer the personalization your studio needs — it may be easiest to start with the basics like dance apparel practice wear.

Your dance studio can also enhance community spirit by offering custom apparel for parents, friends, and family. This could include t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, and jackets and allow parents to buy all apparel from one trusted vendor.

Build Professionalism During Dance Competitions

Your studio aims to reflect professionalism, trust and respect. With customized dance gear, your studio can prevent students from wearing apparel that doesn’t meet your dress code requirements or brand standards for competition. Again, performing your best starts with looking your best.

Champion Teamwear’s mission is to “Make it Personal” for our customers. Our experienced team can help your studio create a comfortable and stylish look that your dance students will feel proud to wear.

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