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Four Tips for Buying Long-Lasting Custom High School Track Uniforms

Just a fraction of a second can determine whether a track and field athlete is first or last. While many factors impact the performance of individual sprinters, distance runners, throwers and jumpers, a uniform shouldn’t be one of them. Track athletes should reach the finish line feeling light, comfortable and sweat-free while preparing for the next race, hurdle or competition.

Champion Teamwear knows that a quality uniform can improve athletes’ comfort, allowing them to perform at their best. When choosing new track apparel, it’s important for high school coaches to understand key fabric features that not only indicate quality, but also allow for peak performance. Check out our tips below for the four features coaches should look for when choosing custom track apparel for their high school team.

Choose Long-Lasting Features Like Sublimation

When opting for sublimated apparel, coaches are choosing to make an investment in quality, long-lasting gear. UltraFuse — Champion Teamwear’s unique sublimation technique — uses heat to infuse high-quality designs directly into breathable fabrics. By heat-infusing artwork onto lightweight, breathable moisture-wicking material, UltraFuse artwork won’t peel, fade or crack — guaranteeing apparel that lasts for years.

Champion Teamwear also never discontinues UltraFuse designs, which means coaches can continue to invest in quality track apparel without worrying about factors like color differences. This key feature means that coaches won’t have to worry about replacing the entire team’s apparel when new athletes join the team.

Champion Teamwear Ultrafuse Sublimation Track Uniforms


Protect and Conquer the Meet with Wind and Water-Resistant Features

Just like the competition, the weather at next week’s meet is tough to predict. That’s why it’s important to choose track team apparel that can withstand wind, rain and chilly conditions. Look for fabrics that clearly say they are wind and water-resistant. Champion Teamwear’s water-resistant polyester fabric has been treated to repel water.

Polyester is breathable and durable — two qualities that can not only help with wind resistance, but also ensure track teams perform at their peak level. While Champion Teamwear’s entire selection of track team apparel is built with features to last from season to season, we’ve bundled budget-friendly wind and water-resistant track apparel packages below.

Champion Teamwear Wind and Water Resistant Track Apparel

Look for Moisture-Wicking Features That Keep Teams Comfortable

Because moisture-wicking fabric is made to respond to environmental changes, runners, throwers and jumpers are able to stay dry even during the toughest conditions. Champion Teamwear’s X-TEMP finish increases the rate of evaporation when athletes’ temperature rises and reduces the rate of evaporation when they’re cooler. By responding to these changes, track teams are able to stay comfortable throughout the entire meet.

Synthetic fabrics, like polyester are best for wicking away moisture. Avoid everyday fabrics — like cotton — because they are often not treated to keep moisture away. Cotton often leaves athletes feeling hot and sticky, which not only produces more sweat, but may also hinder performance.

Champion Teamwear Long-Lasting Custom High School Track Uniforms

Protect from Odor-Causing Bacteria with Antimicrobial Technology

Last, but not least, choose antimicrobial fabrics with advanced odor protection technology to keep sprinters, distance runners, throwers and jumpers fresh and confident while they’re on the track.

Antimicrobial is defined as destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, like pathogenic microorganisms. This is an important quality feature because it means that track apparel is less likely to get contaminated by bacteria, viruses and funguses like mold and mildew.

With technology like Champion Teamwear’s Fresh IQ protection, fabric is treated to reduce odor-causing bacteria from attaching to and multiplying on fabric. When choosing antimicrobial fabrics, coaches are able to prolong the life of a uniform while keeping runners healthy.

Shop Champion Teamwear Track Uniforms and Apparel

We’ve got you covered. With a rich history in providing custom track uniforms and apparel for high school teams, we understand the importance of choosing budget-friendly, quality track apparel. That’s why we’ve developed many of our individual track apparel products with these must-have features in mind.

Bundled items — like the track warm-up package featured below — are offered at a 15% discount. To get this track team apparel package for $138, or to learn more about the other discount packages we offer, fill out the form below and a member of the Champion Teamwear team will contact you shortly.


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