Fundraise a New Way in 2016

With the new school year approaching, it’s time to focus on new fundraisers for your team. Here are five unique ways to raise money.

  1. No-bake bake sale

With more people leaning toward healthier snack options, a traditional bake sale may not produce the profit your team is looking to earn. Throwing a no-bake bake sale, however, can lead to a better outcome. A no-bake bake sale provides healthier options such as protein bars, healthier cookies and more to those wanting to maintain a healthier living.

  1. Root beer float sale

A root beer float sale is a great way to raise money during the hot summer months. Items needed include a small portable freezer, ice cream, soda, cups, straws, napkins, spoons and an ice cream scoop. If your team is low on funds, you can ask a local grocery store to donate the supplies for your cause.

  1. Clean up services

Your team can volunteer themselves to clean local business or events for a fee. Whether the cleaning involves picking up trash, mowing lawns or washing signs, your team can reach your goal faster by breaking up into small groups and complete these tasks amongst multiple businesses. Plus, the businesses can write off your services on their taxes making this a win for everyone.

  1. Carnival

Creating a mini carnival is a fun way of making money while providing entertaining activities for your community. Your carnival can include games for all age ranges, a talent show, prizes and more. Profits from the carnival will be made by charging customers for games entries, raffle tickets and food.

  1. TeamStore

GTM Sportwear’s TeamStore is the easy, hassle-free way to fund your team year-round. Your team will create a free online store at and design apparel, accessories and more for athletes, parents and fans to purchase. You can determine how much profit your team can receive by changing the base price of the items. GTM holds the inventory, handles the money and distributes the items to the customer. All you have to do is collect the monthly profit checks.

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