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One of the key factors in having a successful team is how well you fundraise. It is crucial in order to buy uniforms and warm-ups, compete at competitions, play at tournaments, attend camp, travel, or anything else that costs more than a penny and a dime.

The first step to planning a fundraiser is deciding on a goal. How much do you want to make? How many people do you want to attend? What is this money going towards? The second step is figuring out what kind of fundraiser you would like to do. The list is endless, but here are some of our favorites:

  • A penny war is a great way to get your school involved and raise lots of money in the process. Place jars in every classroom and have everyone bring pennies for the jar to their first hour class. Collect all the jars at the end of the week and count all of the pennies. Whichever classroom’s jar has the most pennies, throw them a pizza party or whatever you decide!
  • 50/50 raffle is an easy but very rewarding way to raise money for your team. Charge a dollar or two per raffle ticket and when you choose the winner, they will receive half of the pot and your team collects the other half.
  • A Pancake feed is not only yummy, but a great way to unite your community or school. It can be held in the morning for breakfast or at night for a late night snack or any time in between! Serve unlimited pancakes for $5 or whatever is most profitable for your team.

What better way to support your school and get the students pumped for the upcoming sport seasons than a t-shirt? Team up with GTM to create a school wide t-shirt. Go online and use our web tools to create an art design personalized for your school. Next, set up a booth for everyone at your school to buy a shirt. Plan a day or choose a sporting event for your whole school to wear it!

Now, it is time to organize the final details and get the word out! Find a date, choose a venue, make posters, post on social media, set up whatever supplies you will need for the event, and anything else you need to do to make your fundraiser successful. Make sure you create a budget for how much you want to spend on the fundraiser; you don’t want to spend more than you make.

GTM wants to help you! Send us a description and photo of your team at your fundraiser (can be from the past year). One lucky team will receive $100 towards their next order at GTM. Please send your submissions to Also, we would love to share your fundraiser photos on Facebook and Twitter, so use #GTMFundraiser with your social media post!

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