G2M Moisture Management Technology



Don’t be Afraid to Break a Sweat

G2M Moisture Management Technology is designed to pull moisture away from the body, helping athletes and coaches stay dry and cool in high-pressure situations. From practice wear to coach gear, GTM has the essentials you need.


Here’s How it works:

A chemical finish is added to a fabric in order to distribute moisture across it, encouraging evaporation. This treatment can be used on a variety of textiles and fabrics. GTM Sportswear is proud to feature a variety of products with G2M moisture management to help you from practice to performance.






G2M products You Need:

“Some of our best products come with G2M Moisture Management,” said Laura Hovind, garment designer at GTM Sportswear. “…including our new UltraFuse sublimated uniforms and practice tees. This is the height of performance – truly outstanding design capabilities complimented by our own G2M Moisture Management Technology.”

Other G2M-treated products include many of GTM’s stock uniforms, polos, practice tees and shorts and much more! You can even find G2M-treated lining in most of GTM’s warm-ups.


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