GTM Spotlight: Hilliard-Daivdson Cheer

We interviewed Tiffany Thomas, the coach for Hilliard-Davidson, about why she chose to be a cheer coach and how GTM has helped her.  Take a look and see what she had to say!

Why do you like working with GTM Sportswear?  Daniell, our rep, has been very enjoyable to work with and is always willing to help me straighten out issues when needed.

What qualities do you think a team needs to be successful?  A team is only successful when they have cohesively bonded as a team.  They don’t have to be best friends, but they do have to come together for the best interest of their goal.  Many of my more successful teams weren’t always the most talented, but those who were willing to work towards their goal as a unit and help those who may be struggling were successful in my eyes.

How did you first get interested in coaching/cheerleading?  I have danced and cheered all my life so it was the most natural next step.  Doesn’t hurt that I like working with kids!

What does it mean to you to be a coach? To be a coach is to be a positive influence and a responsible adult in your athletes lives.  The job of the coach is not to be their friend, but provide a listening ear, tough love when needed, and constantly pushing them to be better.

How does GTM impact your role as a Cheer and Dance Coach? Well they get us super cute clothes for camp! LOL! But on a serious note, GTM allows the team to have a uniformed look that makes them feel that they belong to something great.

What do you love about your job as a Coach? Why do you do it?  I love when I can watch my athletes grow into successful productive adults and pursue their dreams.  I love when an athlete sets a preseason goal and meets it.  The look on their face and sharing in that moment is priceless.

What does our appeal do for your team?  Your apparel makes us look more uniformed and like a cohesive whole.

What makes you come back to GTM year after year?  Price and working with Daniell!!

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