GTM Spotlight: Top Gun

Take a look into Laura Cecil’s world as a coach for the Top Gun cheer team.  She coaches little ones as well as special needs kids and loves every second of it!

Why do you like working with GTM Sportswear? The staff is always helpful and accommodating to ever changes needs. I also love how you can order samples for try-on sizes for FREE! That is so great instead of guessing how a style runs in size, and having to return.

What qualities do you think a team needs to be successful? Organization, compassion, desire to improve, staff support and encouragement.

How did you first get interested in coaching/cheerleading? When I was in college as a competitive gymnast and they cancelled our program and scholarships, the entire team transferred over to cheer. Ever since then, in 1983, I have had an interest in cheerleading. I have enjoyed coaching from the Pop Warner level, where I started, to the competitive All-Star level where I am now.

What does it mean to you to be a coach? Being a coach gives me the opportunity to impact someone’s life

How does GTM impact your role as Cheer and Dance Coach? Having GTM on our team helps us look the part. They complete the total package with the uniform our girls wear.

What do you love about your job as a Coach? Why do you do it? First, I love working with the little ones and special needs kids. They are so honest and pure. I love the joy they get out of doing a backbend or simple skill. “I did it coach” is my favorite saying. My next favorite thing is seeing a former student, years later and they say” I miss cheerleading, that was the best time in my life”. It is something that lasts forever, even if they are no longer cheering.

What does our apparel do for your team? The unique thing about the uniforms we get from GTM is that they are the only ones I know of that are one piece. For our special needs team, it is hard to find good-fitting uniforms, as the body types are so different. Once we found these not only did they look professional, they look great on the floor and fit 🙂

What makes you come back to GTM year after year? Service, quality, price, and dependability


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