History of Champion College Art Processes

Classic Champion apparel like Reverse Weave hoodies and sweatshirts are essential parts of any modern college apparel. How did Champion sweatshirts become so ingrained in the culture of college sportswear?

College Athletic Apparel

Soon after the Champion brand was founded in 1919, Champion became the official outfitter for the University of Michigan’s sports teams during the sports boom of the 1920s. This partnership involved the Champion brand in the first major push to regulate sports team’s uniforms – previously, teams hadn’t utilized single, matching uniforms, instead relying on haphazardly assembled apparel. The uniform’s unique design helped create a cohesive team look that made Michigan stand out above the rest.

Eventually, Champion partnerships with college teams lead to the invention of the Reverse Weave, a revolutionary garment created to avoid the shrinkage that came with machine washing large loads of athleticwear. Sweatshirts soon became a staple for college students across the country.

Broader Audience

By the 1930s and 40s, Champion athleticwear had spread to everyday college students. As college bookstores across the country began carrying Champion sweatshirts, students found items like the Reverse Weave hoodies and sweatshirts the obvious choice for a warm, no-fuss option to show their team spirit. For the first time, students could show their school pride with unique, quality designs from Champion.

Customize with Champion Teamwear

Now showing off your school spirit is easier than ever with custom designs from Champion Teamwear.

With 17 unique art processes, customize your apparel with college art and designs that show off your school spirit. Choose from art processes like Embroidery, Fashion Film, Screen Print, Twill and more to create a look that will make you cheer.

Get started and create your custom look today at championteamwear.com

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