How Team F.I.E.R.C.E. Prepared For Their Basketball Season

Team F.I.E.R.C.E. brand ambassadors KIPP University Prep shares how their squad prepared for their basketball and competition season.

How can those cheering just for basketball condition for their season?
KIPP: What they can do for conditioning is upper body strength exercises. This includes pushups and bear crawls. It also includes partner crunches (a se

t of 25 would be great to start off with).

What are the top conditioning workouts or exercises you have the team do? Why did you choose these specific workouts/exercises?
KIPP: Our team, before every practice, does two sets of 25 jumping jacks and 3 laps around the gym. This allows their blood to start flowing before we start any conditioning. We do a variety of exercises such as 30 frog jumps and bear crawls on our cheer mat. We then transition to lunges across the gym back and forth. We choose to do these specific workouts because it focuses on a variety of muscles in which we use. We use a lot of upper body strength and legs when stunting. It’s very essential that they put it into practice to have an amazing outcome while performing or cheering in general.

What was the biggest challenge your team faced transitioning from football to basketball?
KIPP: The biggest challenge would be being able to balance out competition season along with basketball. The transition gets a little hectic trying to schedule in practices for game day, competition and cheering at games. It can be a little overwhelming, but we plan accordingly to make sure it’s not too much on our kids.

What advice do you have for those cheering during basketball for the first time?
KIPP: The advice we have for those cheering for the first time is attend a game. Be attentive to everything and who you will be cheering for . Check out your space and see what’s best for your team sideline cheering or bleacher cheers.

What is your process for creating and teaching a routine for basketball?
KIPP: The same way as football season, basketball has a form in which the game is played. We usually also choose a theme to it depending on the time frame. Since basketball season is the same as Nationals we tend to showcase half of our routine during a halftime. It helps the girls prepare and have an audience to perform for and not just coaches.

What are your conditioning tips for cheerleaders during the holiday break?
KIPP: My tips for cheerleaders during break is to stay active. If you don’t wanna go to the gym or outside do exercises you are able to perform in your room. If you start off with a small goal of 5 pushups a day and add 5 every day that would be a great way to push yourself little by little. It honestly will keep your body on and moving and it won’t be a struggle when you come back to practice.

What are you looking forward to this season?
KIPP: I’m looking forward to competition season. It’s one of the most intense times of the year and it’s also so rewarding. It’s one of the best ways to end the season and competition is always such a strong way to bring you team together and showcase your city what talent your team has.

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