How the Reverse Weave became A go-to Staple for athletes

Since its creation in 1938, the Champion Reverse Weave has set the global standard for durable, quality athleticwear. Designed to adapt to the demands of modern athletes and provide teams with comfortable anti-shrinking fleece, the Reverse Weave collection has grown a loyal following spanning generations. Constructed with innovation in every stitch, learn why the Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirt and hoodie continue to be timeless fashion staples.

Engineered for Athletes

The concept for the Reverse Weave sweatshirt originated after sports teams grew frustrated with their fleece shrinking during bulk washes. To combat this issue Champion sewed 90-degree Reverse Weave panels on each side to maintain the sweatshirts’ structure after multiple washes.

After successfully retaining its shape, the unique cross-grained prototype became the go-to sweatshirt for teams and provided a durable new solution to a common teamwear issue in the 1930s. Over 80 years later, the iconic Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirts and hoodies are produced with the same patented cross-grain panels and double-needle hemmed stitching for enhanced longevity to handle multiple washes and physical demands year after year.

Iconic comfort

The definition of comfort, the Reverse Weave collection is designed to accommodate the physical demands of every athlete at any level. The iconic shape-keeping garment features a full athletic fit with shoulder seams to adapt to the body’s natural movement and Cotton/Polyester blended fabric for superior comfort. Engineered for extra protection against wind and chill the Reverse Weave sweatshirt and hoodie are created with 12 Oz. heavyweight fleece.

Athletic staple

A fashion go-to for athletes, influencers and esports, the Reverse Weave has reignited its status as trendsetting apparel.


From basketball and football to cheerleading and dance, the Reverse Weave has garnered popularity with athletes everywhere including the iconic Harlem Globetrotters. This legendary basketball team has worn the timeless hoodie globally during their 2018-2019 world tour.


Major celebrities and influencers have adorned the Reverse Weave collection on their Instagram and YouTube accounts in recent years. With followers in the millions, fans began replicating their favorite influencers by adding the timeless look to their closets and finding new ways to make the look their own.


As esports continues to solidify its presence through competitions, live streams and social media the Reverse Weave hoodie, an original gaming style, is taking center stage along with the esports teams. This look has been sought after by gamers at every level to show support for their favorite team or players. Some professional teams such as Dignitas, FaZe Clan, and RMU Esports have transformed the classic Reverse Weave hoodie with their logos, name and exclusive artwork for their fans.

Like the Reverse Weave, Champion apparel will continue to evolve for the next generation of athletes. Shop our latest apparel innovations today at

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