How the Reverse Weave became an American staple

Embedded in the seams of athletic history for 80 years, the Reverse Weave continues to set the standard for American Athleticwear.

Idea to Icon

Simple in design, but perfect in its execution, the Reverse Weave was pioneered by Champion as an alternative to the traditional sweatshirt structure. In 1938, sweatshirts that endured multiple washes would shrink causing teams to constantly purchase new athleticwear for their athletes. To combat this issue for teams, Champion sewed a vertical panel of fabric, flipped at 90 degrees, to the side of the garment. By flipping the panel 90 degrees, the garment was able to eliminate vertical shrinkage and maintain the shape of the garment creating a durable, reliable fit for athletes wash after wash.

This revolutionary technique catapulted Champion further into the athleticwear industry and launched a timeless look that won over coaches and athletes. A fast favorite for its durability and comfortable polyester fleece, the Reverse Weave became a standard item for sports teams nationwide.

The Reverse Weave technique evolved in 1952 with the addition of vertically expandable gussets to sweatshirts and sweatpants. This addition helped expand the range of motion for athletes and allowed for a better fit.

An influential style

Since its creation, the Reverse Weave continues to thrive in the athletic and fashion industries. From the sidelines to the runway, the resurgence of this comfortable classic has reignited the love for Champion and the Reverse Weave. Whether you are an aspiring athlete or a fashion influencer, the Reverse Weave has proven to be an essential look for everyone.

Customize this athletic staple

For the first time since its creation, fans of the Champion Reverse Weave collection can customize the iconic look with exclusive art and decoration processes. With 17 cutting-edge processes including twill with sequins and thousands of customizable templates to choose from, Champion Teamwear can transform your favorite clothing staple into a one-of-a-kind design.

From game days to casual day-to-day styles, Champion Teamwear can help you create the custom look you need to make your mark as a champion. Create your custom Champion Reverse Weave look today at

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