Cheerleading is a fun-filled activity that actively engages your entire body, but places tremendous pressure on your feet and ankles. That’s why it’s so important to wear a high-quality shoe designed specifically for your sport. A comfortable and well-fitted cheer shoe will not only help you enjoy your cheerleading activities, but also offer quality and improved performances.

To ensure you choose the right cheerleading shoe, here are few tips to consider:

Sizing and comfort

An ill-fitting shoe is a recipe for injury. Measure your foot wearing the socks will cheer in. A shoe should feel snug around your foot, but have extra room for your toes to move freely. The basic rule is to leave half a thumbnail length between the end of your toes and the shoe tip. You also should feel a firm grip of the shoe to your heel. Your heel should not slip as you jump around. The shoe should be able to carry you through all the tumbles, jumps and stunts you will be doing throughout your routines.

NFINITY® GAME DAY SHOE used in “Cheer is Love in 2015” video.

Features and Benefits

You will need a shoe that is lightweight yet durable, comfortable and supportive. It should also include features required for tumbling or stunting such as flexibility for toe pointing, scalloped archways, shock absorption and ankle support. Additional details, such as finger groves on the shoe, prove useful by providing additional stunt control and stability when lifted into the air. It is important to select a shoe that meets the requirements of your cheering activities. Quality brands of shoes such as Nfinity®, Kaepa® and Zephz® provide styles specific for tumbling and stunting for beginners to advanced cheerleaders.


The amount you pay for a pair of cheer shoes goes a long way in determining its quality. Shoe quality will not only affect comfort and performance, but also durability and longevity. The average price of a good cheer shoe ranges from $50 to $90. If you look for cheer shoes cheaper than that, you run the risk of missing out on the comfort and support you need to cheer at your best and avoid injury. Plus, they may not hold up to the high demands of a full season of practices and game day performances.

Team preferences

The shoe you choose should be in line with the requirements of your team. Also note that not all cheer shoes are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor venues. If your squad cheers for multiple sports teams, it is important to buy shoes that will accommodate a variety of surfaces.

Shopping help

Nfinity is a great choice for all-star and competitive high school teams because they create shoes specially designed for high-intensity routines. The Nfinity Defiance is one of their newest shoes and features patent-pending technology.

The HALO Defiance increases rebound on all matted surfaces. HALO stands for High Altitude Lift Optimization. It also features 300% more cushioning and has an ergonomic shaped outsole for better stunting control.





Kaepa provides hugely popular options for teams of all ages that execute routines with a lot of tumbling. The Kaepa Touch Up is one of the best sellers.

The Touch Up provides a stable platform as well as sleek toe bumpers for unrestricted tumbling. The Secure-Fit system provides an enhanced fit, while the Torsional Outsole Bridge gives maximum arch support and enhanced forefoot flexibility.






If staying within budget is top priority, a fantastic option at just $35 is the Zephz Zenith. It’s ideal for high school teams and younger.

The Zenith is a sleek low-profile design with easy-to-clean synthetic leather upper. The sole’s EVA heel wedge and rubber outsole provide great traction. The sole has a narrow heel design that allows for comfortable stunts, while heel support is provided with a thermoplastic heel counter.

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