How to Improve Your Football Throws

As you prepare for your upcoming football season you should begin to refine basic skills such as your ability to throw the football far and quickly. A key way to improve these skills is to correct your stance, make sure you are gripping the ball correctly and strengthen the muscles in your arms. Not sure where to start or which workouts you should implement into your training to accomplish this? Don’t worry! Champion Teamwear has the 4-essential tips you need to improve your throw.

Correct your stance

To master throwing a football, you’ll need to ensure you are in the correct stance. Having a proper stance will not only keep you balanced, but it will guarantee that your throw has the distance you were aiming for. According to the University of Texas-Permian Basin Head Coach Justin Carrigan, there are 4 key steps to get into a proper throwing stance.

  1. Bend your knees
  2. Make sure the power of your throw comes from your back leg
  3. Keep your back toe on the ground
  4. Aim your belly button toward your target

Find your grip

According to, the placement of each finger as you grip the football determines whether your throw will have power and distance.

  • The thumb helps with grip.
  • The index finger helps with direction/leverage and is the last finger on release.
  • The middle finger represents balance and spin.
  • The last two fingers create spacing and spin.

When you grip the football make sure you are not holding it tightly. Gripping the ball too tightly will result in your entire body tensing up which can hinder the play. Instead, hold the ball loosely with your fingertips. The positioning of your index finger and thumb will help you know whether your hand is in the correct position. While holding the ball, your index finger and thumb should be in the shape of an “L”. If it isn’t you’ll know to readjust your grip.

Strengthen your arms and shoulders

A key way to improve your throwing skills is to strengthen the muscles in your arms. Strengthening your arms will improve the speed of your throw and overall yardage. One workout that will help you build up your upper body strength is the dumbbell back fly. This workout focuses on your rotational strength, flexibility and back muscles.

Dumbbell Back Fly

  1. With a dumbbell in each hand, get into a pushup position on the floor.
  2. Once in position, lift one of your elbows up until it is at a 90-degree angle. (Make sure to keep your arm close to your body).
  3. After completing a 90-degree angle, continue lifting that arm until it’s straight in the air.
  4. Return to your starting position and repeat with the opposite arm.

Complete 3 sets of 10 reps per arm.

**Training Tip: To execute this workout correctly, make sure your hips are parallel to the floor the entire time.**

Keep practicing

Your throws aren’t going to improve overnight, so make sure you are practicing often and adjusting your stance and grip.

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