How To Recover From A Major Cheer Burnout

The winter semester has just begun and you’re feeling exhausted and drained from the jam-packed season a few weeks before. Does this scream everything you’re currently feeling? If yes, then we’ve got 4 ways to help reignite your passion and energy when it comes to cheer.

Take a much needed break from cheer

You’ve just conquered a semester filled with classes, intense practices, and pretty much no social life. Trust us when we say you and your squad need a break from cheer! Take a day or two to do something that you couldn’t do last semester because of conflicts with practice or game days. Whether it’s going to the movies or chilling out on the couch, find something relaxing…and non-cheer related to occupy your time.

Get creative and reinvent your moves

After you’ve had two to three days to regroup and relax from everything cheer, dust yourself off and get those creative juices flowing! According to a 2010 study by the American Journal of Public Health, creative activities showed a “reduction in stress and anxiety” and “increases in positive emotions”. So gather up the squad and create a routine your coach and fans will LOVE. Who knows, these new moves may become a fan favorite for future cheer seasons.

Reflect on your cheer accomplishments

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of a major burnout you forget about all the amazing accomplishments you made throughout the season. Whether it was mastering a complex stunt or creating a routine that pumped up the crowd, take a few minutes to reflect back on the happier moments from the previous cheer season. Just remember that reflecting on happier memories will result in a happier you!

Gather up the squad for some fun

No one will understand how you’re feeling better than your own squad. Gather everyone up and do something fun. A squad bonding trip can help you reconnect and regroup after a crazy season and potentially solve any unresolved conflicts that may have taken place during the cheer season. Try doing activities that will get everyone out of their comfort zones and will open up a door to better communication and a better year.

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