How To Stay In Shape During The Holidays

Guess what? The holidays are finally here! But, what does this mean for your Spring season conditioning? Fortunately you can still enjoy every thing that comes with the holidays. That’s right! You can still enjoy your favorite holiday activities, treats, and traditions. Here is how you can remain on track for your Spring season while enjoying your holiday guilty pleasures.

Keep some sort of a routine

Just because it is the holidays does not mean you should abandon any and all exercise regimens that you have started. Try to maintain your exercise routine even if it means just stretching your body in the morning. When you stop any or all flexibility-enhancing stretches it prevents your body’s ability to stay on track and ruins the progress you were making toward your Spring season goals. By continuing to stretch or workout, you will be able to pick back up where you left off pre-holidays.

Snack wisely

This is a given. but in case you forgot…make sure you snack and eat wisely during your holiday break. Although you will be tempted with an abundance of sweets, big meals, and specialty dishes, make sure you are including healthier items in your diet as well. Mix up your snacking this year by indulging in fruit, yogurt, and other healthy alternatives that will not only give your body a rest from your favorite holiday meals, but will keep you on track for the Spring season. Don’t forget it will be harder to bounce back from a week of cheating on your regimen than to include that one apple before a meal.

Make sure you relax

Yes, you heard us. Make sure you relax…it is the holidays after all! You have worked hard all semester with your school work and preparing for the upcoming sports season, your body and brain needs a few days off. In between your relaxing periods don’t forget to do some light exercises (even if it’s just stretching). Just don’t overexert your body to the point that you put yourself at risk for an injury. So sit back, relax and enjoy a well deserved holiday break!

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