How To Succeed At Your Cheer Tryouts

It’s that time of year again…cheer tryouts! With a combined 26 years of cheer and coaching experience, our resident cheer experts Jennifer Alonso and Chris Lara share what you should do to have a successful tryout.

Come with an open mind

JA: If you have never tried out before, tryouts can be a little overwhelming, but keep an open mind and HAVE FUN!

Alonso with her high school cheer team.

Start training early for tryouts

JA: Work on cardio, strength and flexibility. Cheerleading is a lot more than cheering on the sideline.  It takes stamina to execute a full out routine, strength to perform stunts and flexibility to nail those jumps!

CL: Practice, Practice, Practice! The more you practice, the more prepared you will be!

Listen, have a positive attitude and be respectful

Lara cheering on the sidelines during a football game.

JA: Not only are coaches looking for talent, but they are also looking for cheerleaders that have positive attitudes, make good teammates and are coachable.

Eat right and drink LOTS of water!

JA: I can’t stress drinking plenty water enough, it’s so important! And watch what you put into your body.  Healthy food + Lots of water = A happy, healthy cheerleader.

Wear appropriate attire and look neat, clean and put together

Alonso coached for 9 years before retiring in 2016.

JA: It is important to follow the coach’s instructions and wear the required outfit. Coaches are looking for team members that can follow rules. Also, make sure your outfit is clean and nicely fitted. You don’t want to be pulling at your top or shorts, it will distract from the amazing job you are doing during your tryout.

CL: Make sure you wear the appropriate attire, wear a bow in your hair, and make sure your clothes aren’t wrinkled. Leave a lasting impression on the judges and coaches.

Be confident in yourself

Lara during his first year as a cheer coach.

JA: The judges don’t know what your material looks like. So, if you mess up, don’t let it show.  They will never know if the left punch you did instead of a right punch was wrong.

CL: Smile…especially at the judges. Don’t let them see that you’re nervous!

Point your toes

CL: Make sure you point your toes during your jumps!

Have FUN!

JA: Tryouts can be very stressful. Every person trying out wants to make the team, but don’t forget to have fun while you’re learning the material.

CL: Be confident and just have fun! The best performers enjoy what they do and the judges will notice that.

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