Improve Your Pitches with 3 Drills

Do you have a pitcher who is having a hard time maintaining his balance? Is he rushing pitches?

Help him improve his pitches by implementing the following baseball drills into his practices

The following drills were created by former professional baseball pitcher Steven Ellis.

Wind-up balance drill

The first drill from Ellis will improve control and balance during a pitch.

  1. Have the pitcher stand in his preliminary sign-taking position then move into a soft and short rocker step. Once in position, pivot off the front of the rubber and move into a leg lift just above the belt.
  2. Make sure the pitcher balances himself at the top of the leg lift on a firm, straight posting leg for five seconds. Their head should stay right over the leg that will pivot.
  3. The front hip should be closed; the lead knee pointing to 3rd base.

Ellis recommends doing this drill everyday for 10 reps.

Front fence wall drill

This drill will not only help with balance, but will prevent the pitcher from rushing the throw at the mound.

  1. Have the pitcher stand facing a fence, wall or net with their toes within one foot of the barrier.
  2. Have the pitcher move from their preliminary stance. Once in position, they will transition into a leg lift balance post position.
  3. If the pitcher uses proper technique, he will not move up into the barrier.

Ellis recommends doing this drill for 10 reps each day. If the pitcher has difficulty with balance, have him hold each step for five seconds before moving on to the next step.

Cocked position to acceleration phase drill

The final drill from Ellis will help your pitcher load up his wrist prior to throwing the ball.

  1. Start the pitcher in a stride position (pivot foot on the rubber).
  2. Hold the baseball in a high cocked position with the palm of the hand facing the shortstop.
  3. Have the pitcher throw from this position by starting at the wrist and moving through the acceleration phase.
  4. Continue until your pitcher is used to throwing downward.


  1. During the throwing action, rotate the hips and shoulders to square off the body toward the plate.

Work on trunk extension.

  1. Upon release, work for good trunk extension to flexion and a long arc of deceleration.

Ellis recommends doing this drill for 10 reps per day.

For more pitching tips, visit Ellis’ website HERE

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