Innovation Behind Champion Mesh Apparel

Woven in the fabric of athletic history for almost 50 years, the innovative Champion “Breathable” Nylon Mesh fabric continues to influence the athleticwear staples of teams today.

Idea Meets Innovation

In the 1970s, Champion introduced numerous athletic innovations to the sports world, including the first hooded sweatshirts, reversible t-shirts and sports bra. These innovations and others have contributed massively to trends in both modern sportswear and athleisure fashion.

The development and manufacturing of the first “Breathable” Nylon Mesh fabric came as a revolutionary innovation to the athletic world. The loose and lightweight fabric allows for both a wide range of movement and critical airflow through the material that keeps athletes cool as they compete.

The Champion mesh fabric would go on to revolutionize uniforms for athletes worldwide, becoming a staple in track, football, basketball and other sports’ uniforms. High profile teams sporting Champion Mesh uniforms include the famous 1992 U.S. Olympic men’s basketball “Dream Team” that went on to win a gold medal.

Mesh as Fashion

In the 90s, Champion became the exclusive outfitter for all 27 NBA teams. Soon, mesh basketball jerseys became not only an athletic staple, but a fashion statement, featured everywhere from the closets of NBA sports fans to popular music videos. Today, mesh apparel – like the Champion Mesh Reversible Jersey Tank – are popular items for anyone looking to add a little athleisure touch to their everyday looks.

Customize Your Own

From training athletes to teams ready to up their game, Champion Teamwear has the durable, authentic mesh apparel you need. No matter your sport, Champion Teamwear is here to help your team create your ideal look.

With a variety of customizable options, you can join the Champion Legacy with your own unique look. Check out all the great mesh options today at

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