Inspiring Words from Youth Track and Field Coaches

At GTM, we know that as a coach, you are part of a deep-rooted tradition, sharing your passion for your sport and creating lasting memories for young athletes. In honor of the upcoming 2013 track season, we asked nearly 200 track coaches why they love their sport and what inspires them to work with young athletes. We thought we’d share a few of their responses below!

Love of the Sport.

“I love track & field and all that it entails. It’s one sport that incorporates the individual within a team dynamic. Teaches and emphasizes work ethic/goal setting and competition.”

“Love of the sport and the enjoyment that comes from working with motivated young people.”

“This is a sport that sucks you in and won’t let go! Track fans are very passionate & dedicated. My daughter started running when she was 5, going into her 9th season and I am happy to help make the team she is on successful.”

“Track is my favorite sport because it allows an opportunity for anyone who wants to participate  in the opportunity, whether they can run long distances or they can sprint or throw or jump.”


For the Competition, Improvement or Achievement.

“A passion for competition and putting the teams together maximizing on their strengths and capabilities.”

“I like the individual accolades and accomplishment that track provides.”

It is amazing to watch the kids develop skills and compete.”

To give youth an opportunity to have fun and compete with other youth. It’s a way for them to be involved in healthy training and workout

Individuals as Part of a Team.

Track prepares athletes for individual success within a team environment.”


Mentoring Young Athletes.

“Allows me to develop student athletes in the areas of academics, athletic improvement, work ethic, responsibility, and social awareness.”

“Love working with young athletes and helping them develop as an athlete and young person.”

“Making a difference in their lives, teaching them that can accomplish anything that they put their mind to!”

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