Introducing GTM®’s Varsity Jacket

LF201_Varsity_Royal_Everyday_Skirt_RGB LF201_Varsity_Royal_Groove_Capri_2_RGB LF201_Varsity_Royal_Groove_Capri_3_RGB LF201_Varsity_Royal_Groove_Capri_RGB LF201_Varsity_Royal_Shorts_RGB LF201_Varsity_Royal_Uniform_RGB VarsityJacket_colors

The wait is over – we have the perfect jacket that goes with every outfit you want to style.  Introducing GTM®’s Varsity Jacket that will turn heads everywhere you go!

Whether you dance, cheer, play soccer, or run track, this jacket is the perfect fit for you!  GTM®’s Varsity Jacket is lighter than your ordinary letterman’s jacket, which makes it useful during any season of the year.  Dress it up or dress it down by wearing this versatile jacket with your uniform, jeans, workout clothes, leggings, or a cute skirt.  To spice it up, you can add your own custom design onto the jacket to show off your school spirit.

Be the first of your friends to get GTM®’s Varsity Jacket by ordering online at  For any questions or concerns, call one of our helpful sales reps at (800) 377-8527.

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