September Facebook Photo Contest Winner 2013:The Viterbo University from La Crosse, WI!

Congratulations to the Viterbo University from La Crosse, WI! They are the September Facebook Photo Contest winners and will receive $300 off their next order from GTM.


Q: Why do you like working with GTM Sportswear?

A: We like working with GTM because of their reliability. With minimal emails or calls your materials are designed and ordered. They keep everything on file so if we need to add more of a previously ordered item we don’t have to start from scratch they know exactly what we need. The company is very positive and very easy to work with.

Q: What qualities do you think a team needs to be successful?

A: Viterbo University has 5 core values that the university helps us learn and use. These are hospitality,contemplation,Integrity, service and stewardship. As a part of the university we use these values as the foundation of our team. Along with these we communication is key. We are a team of many, not individuals. Teams must work, act, and learn as a group with a common goal to be successful.

Get This Look.

Interested in learning more about GTM Dancewear? Call a GTM Sales Representative today at 877-620-3047.

Facebook Photo Contest.

Want to take part in our September Facebook Photo Contest for a chance to win $300 off your next GTM order? Submit your photos via our submission app on our Facebook Page.

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