Apply Your Cheerleading Skills To Your Resume

This image was taken by Karolina Grabowska February 19, 2015.

This image was taken by Karolina Grabowska, Feb. 19, 2015.

Grabbing and keeping the attention of a job recruiter is a tough feat to accomplish! But if you were a cheerleader take a deep breath and relax because you have the advantage over other applicants. Whether you were a cheerleader for a year or your whole life, the skills that helped you throughout your season provided you with qualities employers seek for in new hires.

Here’s three key skills you should mention in your resume if you were a cheerleader.

  1. Your communication skills are on point

Your squad members rely on each other to execute complex routines flawlessly and safely. Being able to perform these risky stunts wouldn’t be possible without great communication. Having the ability to communicate effectively allows you to not only avoid injuries but to unify your squad. This skill is key for any job you apply for and having mastered it early on makes you a huge asset to any company.

  1. You can handle anything

Balancing a flyer’s life in your hands as they execute a stunt is a stressful task for any cheerleader! Like producing a new routine, former cheerleaders can crank out high-quality work in a short amount of time. Although you won’t be twirling your co-workers in the air, being able to handle stressful situations adds major brownie points to your resume.

  1. Creativity is your forte 

Fusing the perfect stunts and music together to “wow” the judges takes tons of creativity and focus! Cheerleaders are always thinking of the next best thing and are aware of the pros and cons of their brainchild. Being able to think outside the box and develop innovative products will not only keep your jobs’s branding fresh and on trend, it will also keep you hired.