No Gym? Workout With Everyday Objects

Don’t have a gym membership but want to stay in shape for the new season?

Luckily everything you need to work on your arms, abs and more can be achieved right in your own home. Here are the 5 everyday items you should use to workout from home.

Paper Plates

Strengthen your legs by using paper plates as glider discs. Separate and place two paper plates in front of you on a carpeted or smooth surface. Distance the plates far enough so you can lunge comfortably. Once you have spread out the plates, place one foot on each plate and slide your other foot forward until you are in a lunge position.

Slide your back foot forward to get into a standing position. Repeat using the other foot to lunge forward.

**Controlling your balance as you glide across the room can be challenging, so make sure there is nothing in your way. If you feel like you’re losing your balance, stop and readjust your footing on the plate.**


Strengthen your core and glutes with wall sits. To do this move, you’ll stand against a wall (preferably one without any objects hanging above you) and slowly move into a sitting position.

The key to a well executed wall sit is to have your feet and thighs at a 90 degree angle. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and add more time as you go.

Laundry Detergent

Transform your laundry room into a weight room by utilizing your laundry detergent as weights. Whether you want to focus on your shoulders, biceps or triceps, laundry detergent is an ideal way to strengthen a majority of your key muscles.

**If you don’t have a full bottle of detergent to workout with, double up your reps and sets to make up for the weight difference.**


The workout possibilities are endless when you utilize a chair. From push-ups to crunches, you can strengthen your entire body.

  • Push-ups – Place your palms on the seat of the chair and walk your feet backward until you are in a plank position. Once you’re in position, lean toward the chair while bending your arms at a 90 degree angle, maintaining  a straight line throughout your body. Push up against your palms to reset your body back into a high plank position.
  • Crunches – You’ll get into a similar push-up position for crunches. Instead of placing your palms on the seat of your chair, you’ll put your forearms there. Position your upper arm and forearm into a 90 degree angle and maintain that stance for each set. Keep your body in a straight plank position while balancing on your toes. Once you’re in position, you’ll lift one of your legs up and bend your knee toward the opposite direction (right knee is bent and extended toward your left forearm, and vice versa). Continue for 10 reps, adding more reps as you progress.


At the base of the stairs, lean forward in a lunge position onto the second or third step (depending on how far apart the stairs are). Bring your other foot onto the same step and continue until you are at the top of the stairs.

**Hold onto the railing if you feel like you are starting to lose your balance the higher you go up.**

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