How Champion Teamwear Reps Can Help You

With an average customer service rating of 83%*, sales reps at Champion Teamwear have proven they are among the best in the nation when it comes to customer service. From helping you select and customize high-quality Champion athleticwear to building your free online webstore for fundraisers, our dedicated reps will work with you, one-on-one, to simplify your season. When you collaborate with a Champion Teamwear representative they’ll become your…

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How Champion Made its Mark on Sportswear

With a long history of groundbreaking advancements in team sportswear and athleticwear, it’s easy to see how Champion has made a permanent mark within the sports industry. From professional basketball teams to Olympic athletes, for 100 years Champion has been outfitting the best of the best.

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What is the Mark of a Champion?

What makes a garment qualified to have the Champion C?

Mark of a Champion

From the original Champion script, to the iconic “running man” logo of the 50s and 60s, the Champion mark has undergone major changes to transform into the familiar “C” logo we know today.

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