3 Budget-friendly Champion jerseys for baseball and softball teams

Baseball and softball teams want a uniform that can adapt to their every move and withstand tough plays, season after season, without sacrificing their budget. Champion Teamwear solved this common financial issue teams face with their affordable 2020 Champion baseball and softball collection.

Starting at $12, Champion Teamwear’s 2020 baseball and softball jerseys are designed to fit any team’s budget while providing the innovative features and durable performance fabrics teams want. Get to know our 3 budget-friendly Champion jerseys below and how we can tailor them to fit your team’s budget.

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How the Reverse Weave became A go-to Staple for athletes

Since its creation in 1938, the Champion Reverse Weave has set the global standard for durable, quality athleticwear. Designed to adapt to the demands of modern athletes and provide teams with comfortable anti-shrinking fleece, the Reverse Weave collection has grown a loyal following spanning generations. Constructed with innovation in every stitch, learn why the Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirt and hoodie continue to be timeless fashion staples.

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Mix and Match Your Way to Track Uniforms as Unique as Your Athletes

Every great track coach knows that track and field teams are a diverse athletic group, so using a generic uniform isn’t an option. The idea of outfitting a long-distance runner in the same uniform as a sprinter is unrealistic given the demands of each event. Additionally, when it comes to outfitting track teams, coaches are often forced to choose quantity over quality, with budgets dictating uniform and apparel choice, rather than the specific needs of athletes.

Champion Teamwear recognizes this challenge and is passionate about offering an endless variety of uniform combinations to suit every athlete on every team. We believe that budget should never limit your team’s performance, which is why we strive to provide affordable mix-and-match options for track and field teams of all sizes and competition levels. From hurdlers and sprinters to throwers and jumpers, Champion offers superior mix-and-match track uniform options that are as unique as your athletes, allowing the team to feel their best both on and off the track.

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3 Easy Steps for Creating a Stylish Look for Your Track Team

No two sprinters, distance runners, throwers or jumpers are alike. That’s why Champion Teamwear has developed its entire line of track uniforms and teamwear to help every athlete on your team look great while facilitating peak performance. With over 100 years in the athleticwear industry, Champion Teamwear understands the sportswear your team needs to make their mark, the Mark of a Champion.

Through these three easy steps, any coach, athletic director or parent will be able to create striking, eye-catching track and field uniforms and apparel. Give your track team the inspiration it needs to stand out from the crowd and perform their best!

Choose Your Look

Our process starts with choosing the right track uniforms and apparel. From mixing compression and loose gear for sprinters to finding a unique top and bottom fit for each thrower, it’s easy to choose a cohesive look that keeps your entire team cool and comfortable. Use the digital Champion Teamwear Track Catalog to find the right apparel and budget-friendly bundle package for your track team. Our digital catalog also comes with an exclusive 15% off discount to help your school save even more, including the bundle package listed below.

Warm up on budget and in style with this $199 package:

  • Rush Warm-Up
  • Dimension Compression Uniform
  • Essential Double Dry® Short Sleeve Tee
  • All-Sport Backpack

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3 Budget-Friendly Solutions for Outfitting Your High School Track Team

Last year, over one million United States student-athletes of all ages and abilities participated in track and field programs. That means over one million student-athletes needed track and field uniforms, warm-ups and performance apparel. At the high school level, track teams are often the largest team in a school’s athletic program. Despite the large roster, track coaches and administrators routinely receive limited uniform and apparel budgets, which can make outfitting athletes in uniforms and apparel an overwhelming task.

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Champion Teamwear Track Uniforms Long Jump

Four Tips for Buying Long-Lasting Custom High School Track Uniforms

Just a fraction of a second can determine whether a track and field athlete is first or last. While many factors impact the performance of individual sprinters, distance runners, throwers and jumpers, a uniform shouldn’t be one of them. Track athletes should reach the finish line feeling light, comfortable and sweat-free while preparing for the next race, hurdle or competition.

Champion Teamwear knows that a quality uniform can improve athletes’ comfort, allowing them to perform at their best. When choosing new track apparel, it’s important for high school coaches to understand key fabric features that not only indicate quality, but also allow for peak performance. Check out our tips below for the four features coaches should look for when choosing custom track apparel for their high school team.

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Four Reasons Why Your Studio Will Benefit From Custom Dance Apparel

Champion Teamwear understands that custom dance apparel is a critical component of a studio’s brand and performance strategy. Additionally, each dance student’s must-have apparel essentials are as unique as their routines. With many custom dance apparel options available for both young and adult dance students, it can be difficult to choose durable and comfortable options.

One way that studios can help dance students choose the best custom dance apparel is to provide them with branded options that are easy to order. This gives studio dance students like yours the opportunity to hand select durable and comfortable dance apparel items for the different styles of dance that you offer.

In this blog, we discuss the four reasons why your studio will benefit from selling custom dance apparel.

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5 Steps for a Successful Fundraiser

Creating a successful fundraiser for your team can be difficult if you don’t have the necessary tools in place. That is why Champion Teamwear created the free and easy to use webtool called TeamStore. This premiere online fundraiser is your solution to organize and raise funds for your team by selling high-quality, custom Champion apparel and keeping the profit for your team. Easily hit your fundraising goal with our top 5 TeamStore planning tips.

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