PlayVS Brings Esports to Schools Nationwide

In the past few years, the popularity of professional esports has skyrocketed. This explosion in popularity is reflected in schools nationwide in the rise of school-sponsored esports teams at both the high school and collegiate levels. PlayVS has stepped up to meet that demand.

Now in their third school year of competition, PlayVS is the industry-leading amateur esports organization. Their platform handles scheduling and logistics, allows schools to build and manage teams, track stats, all while providing real-time support. Champion is a proud partner of PlayVS and if you’re interested in starting an esports team, read on to see how you can bring this exciting virtual sport to your school.


Create a Team with PlayVS in 4 Steps

  1. Sign-up with PlayVS ​– If you’re a coach, sign up by creating an account at then have your students do the same.
  2. Assemble and Activate Your Team ​– Verify students at your school, assign them to an esports team, then activate your teams. Teams are put into leagues for each game, and each game requires a different number of players. For example, SMITE and League of Legends each require a team of 5 players, while Rocket League only requires 3.
  3. Consultation and IT Check ​– Schedule a consultation with a PlayVS expert to walk you through any assistance you may need, including technical, organizational, and more.
  4. Match Time ​– Your team is now ready to compete in the upcoming PlayVS esports season. For more info on how to prepare your team for their first season, check out practice tips and learn to set goals with the Robert Morris esports team.


Style Inspiration with Champion Teamwear

The Champion Teamwear esports catalog makes it easier than ever to compare styles and looks for your esports team. With fully customizable UltraFuse uniforms, you can show your team spirit with unlimited free artwork, over 40 specialized colors, and dozens of apparel options. Use this catalog to find the perfect customizable competition and team apparel for your esports players today!

Don’t wait! Our experienced reps are ready to help your team prepare for the upcoming season. Start creating your esports uniforms today by contacting a rep HERE.

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