Popular Songs Your Band Should Perform

Looking for new music to perform during the upcoming season that will entertain fans and can be performed for years to come? We’ve got the musical solutions for you! Here’s 6 alternatives to traditional marching band songs.

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

A growing favorite among sports fans over the last decade, The White Stripe’s signature song has slowly made its way from a #1 hit on the music charts to the must-have song for marching bands nationwide. The timeless riff combined with its powerful rhythm makes Seven Nation Army a candidate for your band’s next halftime performance.

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

Osbourne’s Crazy Train has become an anthem to pump up every fan. Whether you plan to perform this hit song throughout the game or during halftime, you’re bound to fuel team pride in a matter of seconds. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to collaborate with the spirit squads to bring your performance full circle.

One Direction – Best Song Ever

The younger crowds will be dancing and singing word for word when your band plays this song. A recent hit among pre-teens and younger, parents and other fans will appreciate you playing this chart topping hit. Full of energy and and alternating tempos, you’ll definitely get the crowds attention and on their feet.

Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

Parents and other fans who grew up listening to the Jackson 5 (even younger crowds) will love hearing this classic! Full of energy and nostalgia, I Want You Back will be a perfect addition to your band’s lineup. Easy to learn and get creative with, you’ll have the fans wondering which tune you’ll play next.

DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win

You’ll definitely win over the younger fans with this song. Putting the spotlight on wind instruments, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choreography, color guard solos and collaborations with the pom and cheer squads. Bring all of the spirit departments together for a phenomenal performance.

Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

A pop culture staple, Sweet Caroline has proved time and time again that fans can’t get enough of this catchy tune. Considered one of Diamond’s greatest songs ever, you’re guaranteed to unite fans with ease when they sing along from start to finish.

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