Put The Fun Back In Fundraising

Searching for new fundraising ideas for your team is a pain in every coach’s side. Yard sale? Yawn. Magazine fundraisers? Not a chance. With the school year almost over, it’s time to think outside of the box when it comes to how you fund your team. Step up your fundraising game in 2017 with our fun fundraising ideas.

No-bake bake sale

With more people leaning toward healthier options, a traditional bake sale just doesn’t cut it anymore. Still have your heart set on selling something edible? Throw a no-bake bake sale! This twist on a traditional fundraising favorite can promote healthy eating and boost your chances of raising money. Your no-bake bake sale can feature protein bars, healthier cookies, and more to those wanting to dodge the typical sugary concoctions from a regular bake sale.

Root beer float sale

Not digging the healthy route but still want to satisfy summer cravings? Try a root beer float sale. A root beer float stand is a great way to raise money during the hot summer months and it doesn’t cost that much to get started. All your team needs is a small portable freezer (or cooler if you really want to keep costs down), ice cream, soda, cups, straws, napkins, spoons, and an ice cream scoop. Love the idea but don’t want to supply the must-have items? Reach out to your local grocery store to donate the supplies you need.

Clean up services

Want to work hard for your team’s fundraiser? Then volunteer to clean for a fee. Reach out to local businesses or events (carnivals, parades, etc.) to get your clientele organized and booked. Whether the cleaning involves picking up trash, mowing lawns, or washing signs, businesses will always need help and if they know it’s going to a local cause they’ll be more likely to say yes. Plus, the businesses can write off your services on their taxes making this a win for everyone.


Creating a mini carnival is a fun way to make money while providing entertaining activities for your community. A mini carnival can include games for all ages, a talent show, prizes, and more. Wondering how a carnival will result in profit? Your profits will come from the game entries, raffle tickets, and food. Ask local businesses to donated prizes for the carnivals. Big prizes = more people paying for a raffle ticket.


Don’t want to ask for donations or spend money to kick start your fundraiser? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Our TeamStore is the easy, hassle-free way to fund your team year-round. All your team has to do is create a free online store at teamstore.gtmsportswear.com and design apparel, accessories, and more that you can sell to your athletes, parents, and fans to purchase. You can determine how much profit your team can receive by choosing each item’s price. Champion Teamwear holds the inventory, handles the money, and distributes the items to the buyers…did we mention it’s FREE? All you have to do is collect the monthly profit checks.

Sound a little too high tech for you? A rep can build the store and create your items for you. Call (877) 627-0125 to have a rep build your store today.

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